Banarasi Silk


Banarasi silk saree, the Indian heritage

As we all know that Banarasi silk sarees are from one of the oldest city of India, Varanasi. These fine silks are made in Varanasi, have exquisite zari or brocade embroidery. The designs used in these saree are Mughal inspired motifs and foliate designs which has intricate detailing. These sarees make use of pure gold and silver zari or brocade, being the reason for it to be considered in most of the wedding ceremonies, especially. These sarees are the true definition for elegance with compelling beauty.

Banarasi silk had its impact from Mughal time that Emperor Akbar loved the silk work so much that he dint just limit to clothing but all had the silk over done over his wall hanging and curtains. It take 15 days to 1 month to make one Banarasi saree. The process of making one Banarasi saree requires lot of labours and craftsman to bring the masterpiece.

Today there are mainly four varieties of Banarasi sarees available. Those are

Pure Silk (Katan): It is a plain woven fabric created with pure silk threads and consists of two threads twisted together I.e., two threads are twisted together only while other forms of silk may require different numbers of yarn.

Shattir: Shattir is another fabric which is used in creating exclusive and contemporary designs of Banaras sarees.

Organza: Kora Silk is a thin plain weave sheer fabric of Silk. The craftsman weaves it from silk worm which consists of thin spun threads.

Georgette: It is a finely woven light fabric with a simple and plain weave. This fabric is made of crepe yarn. This fabric is most popular in modern time as they are light weighted and majorly used to produce designer sarees.

Banarasi silk, often are a part of Indian wedding trousseau because of their exquisite royal look. These sarees have also gained a lot of popularity in western countries for their unique traditional loo. Today, many Bollywood celebrities too are giving serious traditional statements with Banarasi silk sarees. These sarees comes in beautiful bright colors and motifs weaved. Think of any auspicious occasion Banarasi silk saree would be the first option.

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