Banarasi Silk Saree

Samyakk’s collection of Banarasi Silk Sarees are perfect for bringing a touch of dazzle to your ethnic drape with a sparkling flourish.


Banarasi silk lends grace to any womans wardrobe.As banaras being chosen the hub of silk weaving during the Mughal period,therefore,banarasi silk saree has always managed to seize the thought of every Indian women with its beautiful weaves and designs.Being considered as auspicious for festive occasion like weddings and festivals banarasi silk saree in its purest form are manufactured from the finest silk with pure gold and silver brocade and zari. Depending on the intricacy of the designs it takes 15 days to a month and sometimes six months to complete one single saree.Each kind of banarasi silk saree has strings attached to the richness of Indian cuture.

In recent times the age old tradition of banarasi silk saree can be seen in its variant forms-

Banarasi Georgette- Georgette being considered as one of the most chosen and popular fabric numerous artisans and manufacturers are using different designs and patterns to provide a large variety to the customers. Being a very lightweight and playful fabric georgette sarees are now combined with various weaving techniques and one of that kind is banarasi georgette.In banarasi georgette the weaving technique includes the beautiful banarasi weaving of zari with the twisted yarns of warp and weft technique all over the saree which gives the wearer a rich look.An important thing to be mentioned here is that banarasi georgette is the one fabric that can be worn in every season as it has a soft texture which makes it comfortable to drape and wear,especially during summer.

Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree-Tussar silk is phenomenal, India being the second largest producer of tussar silk sarees has inspired the tradition as well as the values. Extremely soft and fine weaves are hand woven and beautifully decorated and one of that kind is banarasi tussar silk saree.Beautifully weaved with banarasi weaving technique all over this banarasi tussar silk saree is a possession which can be passed on to generation.

Banarasi Organza - Organza sarees are lustre-free, unlike other silk sarees. Organza being a very soft and light weight, therefore, designers have tried their hands innovating something new and so they produced banarasi organza sarees which features beautiful banarasi weaves all over with a sheer glam.

 Wedding is the time when silk sarees are the most preferred one; they are often part of an Indian bride’s ensemble. Among the best known silk sarees banarasi silk saree is one of them famous for its gold and silver brocade and zari. Samyakk the leading online shopping site focuses on sarees that can be assimilated for any soiree.Ofcourse you can pick your favourite color or design anything that grabs your attention.Here in Samyakk you will find yourself relishing with the bright and vibrant colors of the bridal collection which includes fine quality of  pure banarasi silk sarees and its other variants like banarasi georgette,banarasi tussar silk and banarasi organza that will excite the strong sense of emotion which every women will experience.