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Best Silk Saree Shop in Bangalore

Shop from Samyakk, one of the best silk saree shop in Bangalore for extravagant and high quality silk sarees at amazing prices. From the prestigious banarasi silk saree online at to the weaves of south- kanchipuram silk saree, our collection of silk sarees are diverse in terms of origin, technique used, colours, motifs , intricacy of work and price range. Banarasi silk saree from the holy city of Varanasi is the most regal and coveted saree of all owing to its time consuming and intricate zari weaving in vibrant colours and patterns. It is a vital part of Indian bride’s trousseau that symbolizes luxury, high esteem and excellent taste. There are different types of banarasi silk saree online-pure silk, banarasi georgette, banarasi organza sarees and shattir.

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Banarasi silk saree originally worn by women in the royal families is made from the finest silk yarns and woven with gold and silver zari threads combined with rich embroidery. They are ornated with zari motifs inspired from the Mughal era including patterns like paisleys, floral motifs, stylized leaves, jali work etc. They are usually hand woven and exude opulence and royalty due to the rich craftsmanship exhibited in these sarees. Banarasi organza sarees(kora) are thin, delicate and lustre free. Typical banarasi organza sarees feature patola leaf designs with a designer pallu and border. They are ideal for bridal wear as well as other semi formal events. So shop from Samyakk online, the best silk saree shop in Bangalore for your next event and experience hassle free shopping.

On the basis of designs banarasi sarees can belong to the following categories:

  • Brocade: In banarasi brocade sarees, in addition to the primary weft holding the warp threads like in any fabric, extra weft is used that weaves the motifs independent of the ground, in contrast with jamawar weave where motifs are inseparable from ground. It doesn’t have to include zari to be brocade. It can be woven from simple cotton or silk threads.
  • Jangla: Jangla sarees have brocaded intricate patterns in colourful silk threads incorporated amongst the gold and silver motifs. Jangla style banarasi sarees are worn for wedding ceremonies and other special occasions. Jangla spreading vegetation motifs and wild scrolling janglas are the most popular patterns used.
  • Tanchoi: It uses silk yarns and extra wefts to create outlines and the final designs look like an intricate maze. Paisley and Labyrinth motifs are commonly used with multiple paisleys growing out of other designs found on the end pieces of sarees.
  • Jamdhani: In Banarasi jamdhani saree silk is brocaded with cotton threads for an interesting effect. The motifs used include floral, mango, butta etc
  • Cutwork: This is a cheaper version of Jamdani. Jamdani effect is created by making the pattern run from selvage to selvage, extra weft threads hanging loosely between two motifs. The extra thread is cut for a neat finish for the cutwork saree.
  • Tissue: These sarees have sheen due to the use of zari. The weft has zari and silk and warp consists of silk. Ideal for formal events.
  • Butidar: These are brocaded with pattern threads in gold, silver and silk as weft giving it a rich look.

Find banarasi organza sarees, banarasi silk saree online and more at the best silk saree shop in Bangalore here at Samyakk where class and sophistication meets modern designs. Browse through our exclusive range and find the perfect saree that fits your style and budget.