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Sentimental affair with bridal saree collection

India, a beautiful country with rich cultural heritage and diverse geography, has been the only country around the globe that takes a lot of pride in its traditions and cultural values. Saree, being the traditional costume of India never failed to mesmerize its elegance and beauty until now. Wedding saree is close to heart and special for Indian women.

Traditional silk sarees are the ultimate embodiment of every bridal saree collection. These wedding sarees are popular for weaving of sarees with pure silk and real gold or silver zari brocade. Due to the increasing demand for these silk sarees a lot of variety of Bridal saree collections are available in the market. Bridal saree collection majorly includes Kanjeevaram silk and Banaras silk.

Kanchipuram silk sarees: these sarees borrow its name from the village its origin, Kanchipuram. The sarees in thick fabric and deep colours mixed with hints of gold, is preferred widely for wedding occasion. The most commonly used motifs used on Kanjeevaram sarees are peacocks and parrots, several tribal motifs and patterns apart from that with the new emerging fashion many geometrical patterns are also used to lend a distinctive style to the sarees.

Kanchipuram silk sarees are weaved from pure silk extracted from mulberry. The silk thread that is used to weave the saree is first dipped in rice water and sun-dried in order to increase both, its thickness and stiffness. The silk thread is then interlocked with a thin silver wire and after which a golden thread is used to complete the procedure. These sarees portray a solitaire presence. These sarees are highly popular among the south Indian crowd.

Banarasi silk saree: Banarasi silks from the city of Banaras (Varanasi) are weaved using pure gold and silver threads. Mughal-inspired designs like intricate floral, paisleys and foliate motifs have made these Banarasi silk sarees one of the most treasured possessions. Banarasi silk sarees are highly popular among the north Indian fraternity.

Brocade is the speciality of Banaras fabric. In this weave the patterns are created by thrusting the Zari threads (drawn out of real gold) between warp at calculated intervals so as to develop the design line by line. It take 15 days to 1 month to make one Banarasi saree.

The six-yards of beauty has been the symbol of an Indian woman from time immemorial. These sarees comes in beautiful bright colors and motifs weaved. Banarasi silk sarees are considered as grandiose and auspicious kind of wedding sarees.

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