A Classical Reverie of the Unwrinkling Draped-Crepe Silk Saree

Mesmerizing Crinkled Textures - CREPE SILK SAREES !!

Crepe sarees are the modern fabrics which have become popular in recent times in the range of contemporary sarees. Designers and artisans have come to discover the uniqueness and beauty of the fabric and started using it in the construction of many different outfits. They are woven using special techniques of hard twisting of fibers giving the fabric a beautiful drape and subtle sheen. The unique crinkle and crisp texture make the saree different from other fabrics. Due to their wrinkle-free properties, women prefer wearing these sarees to the office.

Though silk is the material that is supposed to be used, crepe provides a distinctive sheen and sits very light and comfortable on the skin even when the fabric is heavy weighted. Hence crepe silk sarees are considered amongst the finest of all the modern fabrics available in the market today.

Crepe silk sarees have different varieties, among them, crepe chiffon texture sarees are the most popular. The designs of crepe silk sarees vary from plain, printed and embroidered. The printed crepe silk sarees are mostly used for work wear and casual outings. The printed designs include digital, floral, block prints, etc. amalgamated with aesthetic imagination using wooden blocks. Plain crepe silk sarees, on the other hand, can turn out to be very appealing, sometimes these sarees are decorated with a minimal embroidered border, which when worn right will give a very sumptuous look to the wearer.

The designer crepe silk sarees are the new trend followed by fashion designers to create some beautiful and unique designs. Designers come up with patterns which include intricate embroideries and embellishments. These designer crepe silk sarees have taken a vital role in the market as women nowadays prefer these sarees for occasions like weddings and parties which are lightweight to carry yet looks regal.

The right saree requires right styling, so here are a few style tips which can be taken into consideration when wearing one such crepe silk sarees:

  • With printed crepe silk sarees, go for minimal jewelry like a pair of earring, a nice sleek bracelet and a pair of kitten heels to sport the look for office wear or a casual one.
  • With plain crepe silk saree, do not overdo with makeup and jewelry, try to keep it simple and subtle, a striking beaded necklace with matching earring or just don a heavy earring and hold a beautiful clutch and wear a pair of nice heels to stand out in parties and events.
  • With designer crepe silk sarees traditional jewelry like kundan neckpiece and earring can work well along with minimal makeup and a high heel that gives the saree the right amount of fall to make it look elegant.

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