Dhakai Saree popularly known as Dhakai Jamdani or simply Dhakai, has its roots in Dhaka, Bangladesh. One of the most popular art of weaving textile that boast of rich history and heritage is the Dhakai Saree. Flourished under the Mughal patronage this handwoven cotton is considered to be the finest variety of muslin. Even the name Jamdani given to Dhakai Saree UK is of Persian origin where the word “jam” means flower and “dani” means vase, therefore, the name is expressive of beautiful floral motifs on the saree.

The traditional weaving of Dhakai Saree gained immense popularity during the reign of Mughal. But with the export of cheap yarn from European countries during the colonisation by the British the production of Dhakai Saree started declining, and finally with the decline of the Mughal the art of weaving Dhakai Saree started fading away depriving the Jamdani producers from their most influential sponsor.

With the migration of many weavers to West Bengal post partition marked the beginning of the art form of Dhakai Saree in India. The process involved in making a Dhakai Saree Australia is extremely time consuming as it is a very tedious form of handlooming. To create a light to dark effect the base of the Dhakai Saree is kept as an unbleached cotton yarn in which the design is woven using bleached cotton yarns. These sarees comes in variant of colors from subtle to the vibrant one’s and the popular motifs that are used include emerald, floral, paisley, polka spots, rectangular motifs etc. The most noteable part of weaving a Dhakai Saree is that the motifs are not sketched or traced on the fabric rather they are drawn on transparent graph paper and placed underneath the warp.

The jamdani or the Dhakai Saree Canada are categorised in different varieties offered by each region and these can be noted as below:

  • Tangail Jamdani
  • Shantipur Jamdani
  • Dhaniakhali Jamdani

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