Gadwal Sarees

Spread your ethnic charisma and add Samyakk’s rich heritage gadwal heirloom to your silk collection.

Gadwal Sarees: Weaves of Wonder and Traditional Elegance

A glorious treasure of Gadwal!! The innovative style of saree weaving hails from villages of Gadwal in Telangana district. They are the finest yards in the handloom saree category. The south Indian significant gadwal yard is fashioned using the finest cotton and elite silk threads with contrast border and pallu, which is also known as Sico sarees. Gadwal sarees have a border and pallu made from silk with a body traditionally in earthy colours quite contrary to the bright contrasting colours available now. They are prominent world-wide for the durability of colours used in the yarns, aesthetic values, unique hand weaving and the fact that it is so lightweight that it can be folded down to the size of a match box.

                           The process of weaving a gadwal yard comprises 4-8 days to manufacture that starts from the finest yarn selection to the dying. The silk and cotton yarns are dyed fibres are dyed at the particular temperature using natural and skin friendly dyes. A Gadwal saree body is fashioned with 80 counts finest cotton for warp and weft, border and pallu is crafted with 20/22 D filature silk.  The saree is embellished in traditional zari motifs inspired by nature, paisley, peacock motifs and religious architecture. These embellishments can be made from copper, silver or gold zari. Kuttu is the joining process at the border which helps to recognize original Gadwal and every Gadwal cotton and Gadwal silk is designed with silk border which is one more way to recognize Gadwal. It is easy to maintain, has a rich look and presents a good option during summers due to ease of wear & breathability.

                         In today’s fashion world you will find Gadwal silk sarees with a blend of modern design concepts and Indian ethnicity. Pure Gadwal sarees are produced widely to suit preferences of the modern Indian women. The Gadwal silk sarees from Samyakk are the most sought after traditional garment for festivals and ceremonies due to its contrasting colour stories and distinct yet subtle and well-spaced motifs available in a wide range of colours. So go through our collection of Gadwal silk sarees and find the one that best suits your style sensibilities. Stop over Samyakk store in Bangalore or browse through for the exclusive collection of Gadwal silk sarees and find the perfect saree that suits your budget and persona.

Gadwal Sarees are preferred by women all over the country on account of its ease of wear & right blend of class and modern aesthetics. Browse through Samyakk’s online collection of Gadwal silk sarees and find the perfect saree that suits your budget and persona.