Gujarati Bandhani Sarees

Multicolored elegant styles is what represents Samyakk's beautiful range of gujrati bandhani sarees to elevate your ethnic look.


Gujarati Bandhani Sarees originally from Kutch, Gujarat and Rajasthan are made using an ancient form of tie and dye technique or resist dyeing using water resistant threads, wherein fabrics like cotton or silk are tied at different areas with thread and dipped in dye baths of desired colour, creating dynamically colourful patterns like dots, squares or waves. The term ‘bandhani’ means “to tie” from the Sanskrit word “banda”. Gujarati bandhani sarees are also known by their other names such as Bandhej, Chungidi, Gharchola, Bandhani, Patori etc. So go ahead and feast upon Samyakk’s exclusive collection of Gujarati bandhani sarees soaked in a palette of resplendent colours.

Talking about the varieties of Gujarati Bandhani Sarees, these sarees are unique in their vibrancy and beauty.

Get your hands on the delightful array of Samyakk’s Gujarati bandhani sarees, each piece uniquely crafted for the contemporary and style savvy Indian woman. The display of cultural heritage and art is reflected through the use of bold colours and intricate motifs all over the fabric in these sublime Gujarati bandhani sarees. Distinctive motifs or bandhani dots are created by different tying methods such as ekdali (single knot), trikunti (three knots) or chaubandi (four knots).The bandhani dots and their combinations are repeated to create elaborate designs like trees, floral, human figures etc. So browse through Samyakk to find the perfect Gujarati bandhani sarees for your next event and let the colours speak for themselves.

Check out some of the varieties of Gujarati bandhani sarees before you make a purchase:

  • Gujarati bandhani sarees are made from pure georgette with intricate patterns done on it..
  • The bandhani motifs on these sarees are called by different names such as ‘boond’ (small dots with dark centres), ‘bindi’ (small dots without dark centre), ‘kodi’ (teardrop), ‘laddu jalebi’ (swirls), ‘dungar shahi’ (mountains), ‘leheriya’ (waves) and ’ghatadi ‘(square).
  • In leheriya dyeing the fabric is rolled diagonally from one corner to opposite corner, tied at regular intervals and dyed whereas in mothara the resists are removed to re-roll and tie-dye the fabric along opposite diagonal creating chequered patterns with small undyed areas the size of a lentil and hence the name.
  • Gujarati bandhani sarees are available in traditional colours like red, blue, black, green and yellow in warmer hues.
  • Although cotton is the most commonly used fabric for bandhej, Gujarati bandhani sarees are also available in poly-silk, chiffon and georgette. The poly-silk used for crafting bridal bandhani has a strong lustrous base which is tie dyed and later embellished with zardosi embroidery, also called gaji silk.

Wear your favourite bandhani sarees with chunky Indian accessories in antique silver to amp up the overall appeal. Due to the popularity of Gujarati bandhani sarees worldwide, Samyakk offers to you some of the best Gujarati bandhani sarees. So don’t miss out, choose from our range of Gujarati bandhani sarees and carry your aura with elegance.