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Heritage of Unfading Weaves-Ikkat Silk Sarees

Heritage of Unfading Weaves – Ikkat Silk Sarees

A Dreamy Yards with warp and weft Unfading Dye-Ikkat Silk Saree

Ikkat Silk sarees are a masterpiece creation of an aged old tradition of spinning and weaving made from pure silk having its reigns in the district of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Known for prosperity, the silk cloth has hand woven double ikat pattern. Ikat is a bound pattern applied to the warp using resist dye process. In double Ikat, both the warp and weft are dyed before the weaving and then the expert weavers weave with precision. Displacement of even one thread will deform the designed pattern on the cloth.According to the ancient history, it is believed that patola has its mentions in religious texts of the Ramayana and Narasinha Puran and a great part of South Indian culture. The Salvi families are well known for their contribution in double ikkat weaving.

Natural dyes give it a vibrant color, to name a few; they are indigo, marigold flower, turmeric, pomegranate skin, henna, etc. The areas where dyeing is not required according to the pattern of the design are tied and the process is repeated for all the colors on both warp and weft. It requires highly skilled personnel with immense patience to do the weaving so that the pattern turns out neatly. The weaving is done on traditional handloom. It takes from 4 to 6 months to weave one saree that measures 5.5 meters long and 48 inch wide. Because of the resist dye, the color and design on the saree never fade even after one wears and washes frequently and is believed to have 100 years of life.

Based on the place of origin and technique involved, there are various kinds of ikkat sarees:

  • Sambalpuri Ikkat Saree: Sambalpur ikkat sarees from Sambalpur, Orissa
  • Pochampally Ikkat Saree: Pochampally Ikkat sarees from Bhoodan Pochampally, Telangana.
  • Patan Patola Ikkat Saree: Patan Patola Ikkat from Patan, Gujarat The people of Gujarat say, Patola may slash, but the color will not lighten meaning the cloth may tear but the colors won’t fade.

In terms of colors, designs, smoothness there is no difference between two sides and can be worn either ways. Three kinds of designs are primarily visible, pure geometrical designs, Islamic architectural embellishments and Ajrak, complex geometric prints. Hence, Squares, boxes, stripes are the main characteristic features of a Ikkat silk saree. Nowadays, a modern touch is added with various embellishments like kundan, zardosi, sequins to make it look more vibrant and because of this the sarees look heavy.

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