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Buy Ikkat Silk Sarees Online

The absolute luxe and glory of wearing a traditional ikkat silk saree can never be at par with anything else. These weaves of wonder are in complete synergy with the whims and fancies of today's contemporary Indian woman. Hailing from the weaving villages of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat, these intricate geometric or abstract weave patterned textiles reflect the simplicity and strength of India's rich textile culture. Using the age-old technique of tie-resist-dyed yarn, crafted by highly skilled artisans and woven to make the intricate designs that resemble modern day digital pixels, our collection of ikkat silk sarees at Samyakk are carefully created celebrating its rarity and artistry.

The Latest Saree Designs at Samyakk

Let your power packed avatar come alive with Samyakk's latest ikkat saree designs which makes you spoilt for choice. With a colour spectrum in organic dyes ranging from orange, yellow, dull gold and pink and motifs in myriad designs showcasing traditional Indian artistry, Samyakk' exclusive line of online sarees is a tribute to Indian patronage. So Browse through our mesmerizing ikkat saree designs and upgrade your style quotient in resplendent patterns and colours. Based on the place of origin and technique involved, there are various kinds of ikkat sarees:

  • Sambalpuri Ikkat Saree: Sambalpur ikkat sarees from Sambalpur, Orissa derives its weave patterns from symbols of fertility and prosperity, Used for ceremonial functions, Sambalpuri fabrics reflect an original style of art known as Baandha, traditionally, created with images of flora or fauna or with geometrical patterns.
  • Pochampally Ikkat Saree: Pochampally Ikkat sarees from Bhoodan Pochampally, Telangana are identified by their unique geometric weave patterns owing to its double ikkat technique. Traditional motifs like florals, dancing girls and animals within the geometric grid are used which renders it a class apart. They have a smooth hand feel and are lighter than other ikkats.
  • Patan Patola Ikkat Saree: Patan Patola Ikkat from Patan, Gujarat are made mostly from silk sarees and characterized by their vibrant colors and complex design detailing. Commonly seen with geometric motifs juxtaposed against floral, birds, animals and human figures, these ikkat silk saree designs are visually enthralling. Owing to its bandhani dyeing process, these fabrics don't fade in color intensity.

Browse through Samyakk's online sarees in zesty colors and be a part of Indian hand loom revival. Drape from Samyakk's latest Ikkat saree collections and lose yourself in a trance like dream!