Kanchi Pattu Sarees Online

Kanchi Pattu Sarees Online


The Midas Touched Weaves-Buy Kanchi Pattu Sarees Online

Shop for kanchi pattu sarees online at Samyakk.com and get the Midas touch for your ethnic wardrobe. Kanchi pattu sarees are to south just as Banarasi silk is to north. These spectacular weaves are known as the “Queen of the Silk Sarees” owing to its sheen, lustre and richness. It is one of the finest silk sarees hand-woven in the bylanes of the ancient city of Kanchipuram, known for its architecture and sculpture reflected in weaves of these sarees. At Samyakk, we offer you a wide array of kanchi real gold zari saree price and product ranging from pure to blended silk sarees befitting your taste and budget.

Real Gold Zari Saree Price-Kanchi Pattu Sarees Online from Samyakk.com

Kanchipuram Sarees are the most coveted six yards of drape by Indian woman due to its painstakingly time consuming weaving process. It is crafted from pure mulberry silk yarns and these superior yarns are dyed in vibrant colours and washed, dried and starched to give a permanent polished look. This is woven with pure silver and gold zari threads to form elaborate and intricate motifs on the saree inspired by temples, nature, birds etc. The real gold zari saree price can be high depending on the amount and purity of the zari yarns used. This is in contrary to our blended silk sarees at much lower rates. A kanchipuram real gold zari saree price can range between Rs.10K to over 1Lakh.So go ahead and browse through our kanchi pattu sarees online at Samyakk.com in contrasting borders and pallu and be spoilt for choice.

Check out some of these kanchipuram silk varieties before purchasing kanchi pattu sarees online:

    • Kanchipuram silk sarees are woven using ‘korvai’ technique. The border and pallu in ‘korvai’ saree are in contrasting colours compared to its body. The pallu is later joined to the body.
    • They are available in varieties like kanchipuram pure zari and kanchipuram half- fine zari.
    • The Kanchi real gold zari saree price is high due to the use of pure zari. These pure zaris are made by wrapping silver wire around silk threads and gold plating it in pure metal. A superior quality kanchi saree can be identified by weighing it. Heavier the saree, better the quality due to the amount of pure zari threads used.
    • A Kanchipuram half-fine zari saree is cheaper and lighter than pure ones but looks similar to the pure zari Kanchipuram sarees. These zaris are made by wrapping copper wire around silk and then gold plated. It is tougher to touch compared to the silky smooth pure zari.
    • Some of the popular kanchipuram silk saree designs include .
    • Plain saree with contrasting gold zari border joining body in zig- zag designs.
    • Kanchipuram saree with temple border or zig-zag designs in border or between pallu and body are popular designs.
    • Traditional Kanchipuram sarees with an old time charm showcasing motifs like chakra, temple borders, checks, paisleys and florals in traditional colours.
    • Modern Kanchi sarees with contemporary motifs and in trendy colours to stay relevant in the recent times.
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Kanchipuram silk sarees have transformed to blend in with the changing times but continues to cast its magic and find its way back into the bridal trousseau. In addition to our collection of Kanchipuram pattu sarees, Samyakk also offer a huge collection of blended silk sarees in myriad designs, colours and price ranges to satisfy your ethnic needs. So shop from Samyakk.com and experience hassle free shopping to find your perfect saree, be it comfy cotton sarees, pure silk sarees or blended silk sarees reflecting your personal style quotient.