Kanchipuram Pattu Saree

Delicately designed the authentic Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees from Samyakk makes for a sublime addition to your heritage ethnic collection. 

Authentic Weaves Of Kanchipuram Pattu Saree !

Kanchipuram pattu saree is a precious heritage to cherish, an ensemble which creates yards of sophistication and richness. From weddings to grand ceremonies, Kanchipuram pattu sarees complement a range of event settings. You can choose from the heavy one’s to the more light weight one’s. Look for details that are intricate with beautiful texture and hues.

A number of silk sarees can create luxurious feel, but nothing can meet the rich texture and sheerness of pure zari kanchipuram pattu sarees. These sarees never fail to impress and are praised among all the age group. Kanchipuram pattu saree is an integral part of every woman’s ethnic silk saree collection especially South Indian bridal trousseau. This ceaseless beauty is hand woven in the Kanchipuram region, India.

Authentic Kanchipuram pattu saree is a true symbol of dignity and grandeur with luxurious status. To weave a kanchipuram pattu saree three single yarns of pure silk and rich zari are used. These exclusive pure zari kanchipuram pattu sarees are hand woven in the time span of a week with authentic mulberry silk from Karnataka and zari from the lands of Gujarat. The grandiose luster, sheen texture and resplendent zari designs on Kanchipuram pattu saree is enticing. The most interesting thing about these silk sarees are alluring wide border design and body are quite different but are in contrast hue. Pure zari kanchipuram pattu sarees are artistically designed by zari woven motifs and patterns like peacocks, temple borders, chariots, strips, checks and traditional floral buttas. Pure zari kanchipuram pattu sarees are exclusive and treasured so it should be preserved with a great care to conserve its luster for ages.

Let’s go through some essential tips to cherish your precious Kanchipuram pattu saree:

  • Kanchipuram pattu saree can be long lasting for decades if you take proper care of them.
  • You should fold these authentic silk sarees in such a style that zari should be faced inwards to avoid the disorder of zari yarns.
  • Refold your pure zari kanchipuram pattu sarees every month to avoid the damage to the fabric and zari.
  • If you are washing the silk sarees in the home, then make sure to wash body and pallu separately with a mild shampoo. But dry clean is the smart move to make.
  • Cover your exclusive drapes with a cotton fabric so the saree fabric can breathe and maintain its sheen.

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