Patola Silk Sarees

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Patola Silk Sarees

Patola Silk Sarees as considered the “ultimate phenomenon of weaving perfection” is a well versed statement because the displacement of even one thread can result in a deformed pattern.The Patola Silk Sarees being one of the finest varieties of handloom silk sarees is also referred to as the “Pride Of Gujrat” as it has its origin in the state of Patan in Gujrat.Patola Silk Sarees are made using double ikkat weave technique,the double ikkat weave here means once the saree is woven it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two sides.Patola Silk Sarees once woven carry the same color,intensity,feel and look on both the sides. Therefore, Patola Silk Sarees became an essential part of women’s closet

Having many variations in the technique of Ikkat, Patola Silk is counted among the most exquisite!!

Patola Silk sarees are crafted with basic design motifs like flowers,human figures,birds and animals.Now in present day scenario chemical dyes are also used to produce geometric design patterns on Patola Silk.These geometric designs and floral patterns were mostly preferred by the Muslim Vohra community who referred to this Patola Silk as the best “pure silk bridal trousseau”.As it involves great care and skill in producing patan Patola Silk, therefore, they are not abundant like other handloom silk sarees.Patola Silk sarees are therefore, a treasure collection for women all over the world which can be passed on to next generation due to their durability.

Depending on the intricacy of the weaving pattern there are two variants of Patola Silk Sarees-

  • Rajkot Patola- The Rajkot Patola Silk are basically single ikkat pattern and vertical resist dye.
  • Patan Patola- Patan Patola Silk are double ikkat pattern with horizontal resist dye which makes it the most complicated weaving pattern in the world.

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