Pure Banarasi Saree

Pure Banarasi Saree

Thread Of Tradition-Pure Banarasi Saree

Pure Banarasi saree is among the finest silk sarees of India known for their gold and silver brocade and zari. Banarasi saree is manufactured in Varanasi, a city which is also called Benaras or Banaras. The pure banarasi sarees are made of fine woven zari and decorated with intricate designs. The traditional pure banarasi saree is done with lot of hardwork and skilful work woving the silk.Depending on the intricacy of the design it takes 15 days to a month and sometimes six months to complete one single pure banarasi saree. Let’s move forward with our age old tradition with all new pure banarasi saree-

Banarasi silk sarees have seen many changes in preference of color,motifs,patterns,borders and style over the years. From floral patterns,animal and bird depiction to Persian patterns like “jaali” or “jaal” and the most recent geometrical patterns latest banarasi saree have kept abreast with the changing tastes and embolden women with their ever elegant finesse. Pure banarasi sarees as inspired by the Mughals will mostly carry leaf motifs,bootis and trademark flower also known as ambru,ambi and domak. Some parts of India specially in Bengal banarasi sarees are used as the typical bridal attire in red colour and with rich zari work on it.In the southern part of India banarasi sarees are also called as banarasi pattu sarees which are also used as a bridal attire.

From timeless pieces to latest trendy patterns, the latest banarasi sarees have lots of fusion varieties-

Banarasi Tussar Silk-This banarasi sarees or banarasi pattu sarees as it is called having a tussar silk base has got a lot of banarasi weaves on it which makes it more catchy and is a form of latest banarasi saree variety.

Banarasi Organza-Talking about the latest banarasi saree there is also a category known as banarasi organza silk saree.These sarees are covered with eye filling bootis and rich borders in zari which makes it a must have.

Banarasi Georgette-In the variety of latest banarasi sarees banarasi georgette sarees have made a mark.Banarasi georgette sarees have enticing wide borders in different colors and features all over weaving work in zari which makes it attractive and because of the light weight it is also comfortable to carry.

Banarasi Cotton-The brocaded banarasi cotton sarees on the otherhand has its own charm.It gives a soft feel of cotton with a rich zari look of banarasi silk saree.

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