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Enchanting Heritage!! The colourful state Rajasthan is one of the prominent contributor of rich Indian textile industry because of its resplendent and elegant Bandhej and Leheriya Sarees. Traditional Rajasthani sarees are the beautiful amalgam of heritage and the comfort. The timeless Bandhej and Leheriya sarees are admired by the every women of Rajasthan as they are light weight and comfortable. The heritage state of India is the proud birth place for myriad of textiles, embroideries and embellishments. Talking about the varieties of Rajasthani Saree there are plethora of patterns, myriad of colors and different types of fabrics. These sarees are unique in their vibrancy and beauty.

Rajasthan being a very hot region the women from that place prefer to wear fabrics which can keep them cool and comfortable and for that reason they opt for mostly light weighted Rajasthani Saree. Bandhej or Bandhani saree is one of the popular saree from Rajasthan which is perfect example of craftsmanship and elegance. The process of making Bandhej saree involves the oldest form of tie and dye technique known as Bandhani. This technique is popular among many states but the Rajasthani Bandhej saree has its own unique charm and is dyed with astonishing color schemes. They display many different hues as they use lot of bright colors in making a bandhej Rajasthani Saree. The gorgeous Leheriya saree is also a type of Rajasthani saree having unique “leher” design or wave pattern carried out using fast natural dyes and different style of knotting. These both sarees are fashioned with soft cotton, finest silk, light-weighted chiffon and georgette fabric.

The stunning Rajasthani sarees are in huge demand all over the globe as it is very comfortable, skin friendly, lightweight and are made with breathable fabric. Its distinct pattern has made it a every craft lovers on of the first choice when it comes to Rajasthani Saree. On discussing about the variants of Rajasthani Saree one important thing not to be missed is the fabric care:

    • To wash the fabric use a mild detergent so that there is no color run
    • Do not wet or spray the saree prior to ironing
    • It is also recommended to wash separately and not with other clothes
    • Store it in a cool dry place
    • Do not brush the saree in case there is any stain but wash it immediately

Rajasthani Saree is something which need not be with vibrant colors always, there are also many varieties which comes in subtle colors and is understated and to get one such variety of Rajasthani Saree you can step into Samyakk one of the leading ethnic wear brand in Bangalore who presents to you the best of the Rajasthani Sarees in the form of Bandhni or Bandhej and Leheriya Sarees in innumerable designs, colors, patterns with beautifully crafted embroideries and embellishments. In case you are settled abroad in countries like USA, Canada and Australia still you can shop for the best Rajasthani Saree online as Samyakk provides you with their online shopping portal where you can order variety of sarees which will be delivered to you within 3 to 4 working days.