"Back to the Roots” Saree Designs on trend

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“Back to the Roots” Saree Designs on trend

Kalamkari saree designs here at Samyakk are indeed an amalgamation of sheer craftsmanship and love. India's handicrafts are as diverse as they are ancient and we have spotted this paradigm shift in culture with the surfacing of this 3000-year-old art form that evolved in two villages in Andhra Pradesh and made a well-deserved grand re-entrance to the mainstream. Kalamkari derives its name from Kalam meaning Pen, and Kari meaning work, summing up to pen-work. It is the art of hand painting and sometimes block printing on fabric with vegetable dyes.

Traditionally, used for narrative scrolls by storytellers, today from sarees designs in crepe and silk to footwear, it continues to cast its magical spell. While our team at Samyakk has the massive responsibility to help you channel your true ethnic self, Go ahead and shop from our exotic range of kalamkari sarees online right now!

Buy Kalamkari Sarees Online:

With Samyakk's kalamkari saree collection available in fabrics from different types of silk, cotton to crepe, we are bringing this art back to life for you to look drop dead gorgeous .Using ancient motifs translated to modern textures and interpretations, the seamless beauty of nature, life & hindu mythology in intricate detailing comes together in our exclusive collection of kalamkari crepe sarees. Featuring sharp hues and earthy tones like indigo, mustard, rust, black and green these contemporary kalamkari saree designs in crepe, cotton and silk are sure to baffle your minds.

  • Incorporate Kalamkari sarees in your daily life with minimalist colour palettes to give your look a subtle & contemporary twist.
  • Style it with trendy accessories and contrast kalamkari printed blouse and embrace the print-clash trend of the season.
  • Add a touch of western class with a bustier/cape style blouse or add on the ruffles.

Samyakk's product information regarding its saree designs, fabrics, high resolution product images and styling tips can turn your shopping nightmare to a walk in the park. So get your wardrobe the ultimate artsy touch with our Kalamkari sarees and make way for raining compliments. Samyakk's crepe sarees featuring this art will indeed elevate your ethnic style and showcase your true love for art.