South Indian Sarees

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South Indian Sarees  has its own charm. South Indian Sarees have made its own mark specially in South India and to name the most famous among the South Indian Sarees is none other than a Kanjivaram Silk Saree. A Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram silk saree is referred to as “Queen of Sarees” in South India and it can be passed on to generations. This saree is traditionally handwoven in Kanchi district of Tamil Nadu and made out of pure mulberry silk.

The lustre, durability and gleam from the exquisite zari work makes this saree worn across all ages and is often known as the South Indian Wedding Sarees

Though a Kanjivaram is among the most famous South Indian Sarees but by the changing trend it is also gaining popularity in other part of India as well. The gorgeous zari weaving work on the Kanchipuram saree adds a regal look to the array. The zari used to weave a kanjivaram saree is basically pure silver zari which is dipped in gold. The traditional motifs used are temples, paintings, palaces, jasmine buds and other floral motifs which run across the body of the saree. What makes a Kanjivaram saree the most outstanding among all other South Indian Sarees is its weaving process, the most interesting part of kanchipuram saree is that all the three parts the body, the pallu and the border  are weaved separately and then interlocked together.

Apart from the Kanjivaram saree there are many other South Indian Sarees as well and to name a few are as follows:

Ikkat Silk Saree:

Ikkat silk is also a variety of South Indian Sarees which is from  Andhra Pradesh where they weave silk with cotton to produce ikat silk saree. Ikkat is a dying process usually done on cotton and silk fabric and the end product is drenched in colourful patterns.

Uppada Silk Saree:

Uppada sarees are famous for its unique design which is produced using jamdani weaving technique which have beautiful zari work in their artistic designs and can also be categorised as one of the South Indian Sarees.

Gadwal Silk Saree:

Gadwal sarees being one of the famous sarees of Andhra Pradesh are mostly known for its wonderful mix of fabric and designs. One of the basic feature of this saree is that the entire body of the saree is cotton while its borders are fabricated with silk and it can be counted as one of the South Indian Sarees.

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