South Indian Sarees



So after hopping around for sarees of different states I was well and truly overwhelmed, and decided to blitz around south Indian sarees.

If you also vow by saree for your bridal look, I would suggest you to give a serious thought to some of the best variants of South India. First to look at was one of the “Queen of Silk” i.e Kanchipuram silk also known as Kanjeevaram silk. The sarees are made using mulberry silk. Mostly Kanchipuram sarees come in bright colors and wide borders where the Pallu and border are woven separately and then interlocked together.

Second in the line goes Gadwal silk produced in a small town of Andhra Pradesh, the fabric is either silk or cotton, or a blend of two. The striking blend between the silk and cotton has produced the trend of Sico sarees which has earned a huge popularity.The saree gets its identity from pure Zari (a silver thread encrusted with gold) embroidery and patterns of birds and animals. Peacocks, horses, parrots, elephant, etc. are some of the patterns that adorn the heavy gold-brocaded pallu and borders. Tribal motifs as well as traditional themes drawing inspiration from the Pallava temples and palaces, scenes from epics like Ramayana and the Mahabharata etc. are also weaved on the saree, giving it an ageless,traditional look.

Next we have is the famous patola sarees of gujrat,which have a long and rich cultural history.Special skill and expertise is required in spinning,weaving and dying of a patola ikkat saree in pure silk which is an art form.It requires a special tie and dye technique which includes only natural colors for this dying process.It takes a long and tedious process of extreme skill to make these sarees extremely eco-friendly.A patola ikkat saree is considered to be a prized possession for every women,so next time you are willing to buy sarees go for this royal,grandeur saree that spell out elegance and grace.

Uppada the name of a small beach town in Andhra Pradesh is the place where the fine uppada silk sarees are produced.This classic silk sarees holds rich color and textures which involves intricate handwork and excellent skill of the artisans.This saree includes jamdani weaving techniqueIt approximately takes a week for a weaver to weave one uppada saree,but if the work includes intricate patterns and zari work then it takes more than twenty days to complete one single uppada silk saree.With the gorgeous look and light weight,uppada silk sarees are among the most expensive silk sarees.

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