South Indian Silk Sarees

South Indian Silk Sarees

The Magnetic Pull of South Indian Silk Sarees

The saree lovers stung by South-Indian treasure makes a truly divine and charming glimpse beauty. Myself being a silk saree ardent I totally can get your ardour for South Indian silk sarees. The first saree I ever adorn is the pride of South-India kanchipuram silk saree in a vibrant hue of bottle green against contrast crimson red border and pallu defining zari weaving work that’s offset traditional yet modish look. The Queen of silk is from the Samyakk’s south Indian silk sarees collection inspired by Indian vibrancy. As I wrapped the eternal south Indian silk saree around me, I felt like royalty, elegance, and sophistication cocooned me. This traditional silk saree from Samyakk gives you serious style syndrome.

A magical craftsmanship heirloom blossomed with ancient phase to the current day in the form of timeless south Indian silk sarees.

We all know with the changing time popularity of south Indian silk sarees USA are reaching the peak of adoration among all the age group of women. South Indian silk sarees prominent for their myriad of color combination, unique patterns, subtle designs, finest fabrics and the artistic borders and pallu. Silk saree with resilience and sumptuous drape has become the irresistible companion of every woman. Fusion of traditional South Indian silk sarees Canada beautified with contemporary designs and styles are extremely in vogue. The numerous varieties of silk sarees in abundance of South India are simply exquisite. Let’s leaf through some of them:

  • Kanchipuram silk – Being the “Queen of silk” kanchipuram sarees are very popular all over the globe. These sarees are hand woven in pure mulberry silk from Karnataka region and elite zari from Gujarat in the time span of 7 days. A lady draped in an eternal beauty is a true symbol of royalty.
  • Gadwal silk – Traditional gadwal silk sarees are famed for their amalgamation of finest texture and spectacular designs. A splendid gadwall silk saree is always defined by its enchanting fusion of the cotton body and lustrous silk border portion. Gadwal saree is beautified with a myriad of different eye-catching designs. A must have 6yard in your precious silk saree collection.
  • Uppada silk – Uppada sarees are the true symbol of dignity and grandeur. They are prominent for bearing an effortless grace in their texture and vibrant hue. Traditional uppada silk sarees are an integral part of bridal treasure and festivities. Handloom uppada silk sarees are divine, sleek and comfortable to drape in all climates.
  • Soft silk – South Indian soft silk sarees have mesmerized the world with their elegance and grace. Its magnificent soft texture, pattern and irresistible color add its own regal charisma to every occasion. These soft silk sarees are unique, each one more beautiful than other as they are customized by expert artists.

Are you looking for any of these south Indian silk sarees? Then you are at the right place. Samyakk, the leading brand offers the exquisite south Indian silk sarees Australia collection with a blend of Indian heritage and modernity. The authentic south Indian silk sarees UK are handpicked by the expert designers to keep you updated with the latest trend but with a flavor of our Indian history. Make Samyakk your next ethnic shopping destination for stunning creations and authentic products. You can visit the Samyakk store or browse through Samyakk’s online shopping website. Even though you are staying in aboard places like Canada, USA or Australia, Samyakk makes sure to deliver your order within 3-4 business days.