Traditional Silk Sarees

Personified elegance of traditional silk sarees

Eternally Graceful Traditional Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are an integral part of Indian traditions, thus silk industry has a pivotal role in Indian textile industry. As sarees are itself a traditional attire of India, Silk sarees play an important role. Traditional silk sarees are considered as most pure form of sarees which are weaved using pure silk and zari.

Traditional silk sarees are draped widely by the Indian women for many auspicious occasions. There are variety of traditional silk sarees available in the market for every special event or occasion. Some of the popular traditional silk sarees are:

  • Banarasi silk sarees: Banarasi silks from the city of Banaras (Varanasi) are weaved using pure gold and silver threads. Mughal-inspired designs like intricate floral and foliate motifs have made these Banarasi silk sarees one of the most treasured possessions.
  • Kanjeevaram sarees: Created by the craftsmen of this small town called Kanchi in Tamil Nadu. Among the multiple hand-woven silks made in India, there is none more expensive than kanjeevaram sarees. By far Kanjeevaram sarees remains one of the few sarees that still uses gold in weaving.
  •  Gadwal silk sarees: These sarees are originated from the town called Gadwal, Andhra Pradesh. The border of the saree is made of silk such as pure mulberry silk or Tussar silk and the body is cotton weaved. The complete pure silk variety of the saree is also available.
  •  Uppada silk sarees: Uppada Pattu Sarees / Uppada Silk Sarees from the village Uppada in Kakinada are well known for its rare designs. The making process of these sarees uses the traditional Jamdani weaving method. Uppada Silk sarees are one among the most expensive varieties of Silk sarees.
  • Pochampally Ikkat sarees: These sarees are from the town called Pochampally. These sarees are weaved in traditional geometric patterns in ikkat dye.
  • Patola silk sarees: Patola is a type of double ikkat silk saree made in a few regions in Gujarat. The sarees features exquisite designs of dancing figures, flowers, elephants and geometric designs. Due to its intensive work each saree takes minimum of 6 months to be made.

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