“Suit Up”: Shop for Men’s Tuxedo Suits at Samyakk.com

                                                                  “Suit Up”: Shop for Men’s Tuxedo Suits at Samyakk.com

Just the idea of finding a perfectly tailored tuxedo can be a head-scratcher for a lot of you guys out there. So whether you fancy yourself in a  modern Gatsby look, have a wedding coming up ,there's a good chance you're going to need a tuxedoin the near future. And instead of burning your pockets on tailoring your go-to tuxedo, Spend sensibly at Samyakk for we got you covered on tuxedos that befit your personal style and theme of the event.

Owning a perfectly tailored- to- go tuxedo refreshes your whole wardrobe, from the most basic shirt-and-tie combos to office to a night out on the town outfit to weddings. At Samyakk we offer a wide range of suits and tuxedos that play around with prints, silhouettes and fabrics  like velvet, brocade, jute,suede,italian and silk making classy black tie tuxedos look incredibly staid.

Men’s Tuxedo Suits:”Get Ready to be Dandy”

To accentuate your best features it is important that your colour choice complements your complexion and skin tone. Go down the classy route without going too garish with wear-to-work hues or basics like olive green, navy, grey etc in order  to wear your tuxedo suits for occasions after the wedding/other events. Next is the perfectly fit shirt that enhances your tuxedo suit. Throw on some dash of colour in the form of a pocket square  and go for a standard tie/bow tie in subtle prints to complement the ensemble. Put on your oxfords or velvet slippers and throw on some shine with matching set of cufflinks or a lapel pin to elevate your tuxedo to the next level.

Here's everything you need to know about how to go black tie before shopping for your perfect tuxedo.

  • Classic Tuxedo: Tuxedos have always been a part of formal wear and a traditional tuxedo is typically black and the easiest options out of all the others.
  • Coloured Tuxedo: The black or white tuxedo maybe a classic but ones in navy, burgundy, red, royal blue and grey tuxedos are becoming popular and commonly seen in weddings and red carpet events!
  • The Shawl Tuxedo: Get your James Bond vibes on with the shawl lapel tuxedo characterised by rounded edges for a sleek look. Some styles have contrasting lapel in a different colour and fabrics like satin.
  • Framed Lapel Tux: Looking for a tuxedo with an edgy look, the narrow satin trimmed lapel in a contrasting colour is the perfect choice or go for the formally worn peak lapel or notch lapel tuxedos.

Go through our online collection of men’s tuxedos as we strive to bring you the best styles in men’s wear clothing, each uniquely crafted for your personal aesthetics. Samyakk’s product descriptions regarding garment fit, fabric, occasion and styling tips can make your shopping experience at ease. So go ahead and shop at Samyakk and find your perfect tuxedo!