uppada pattu sarees

Be a bright spark this season with the Uppada pattu sarees from Samyakk!!!

Uppada pattu sarees

Uppada pattu sarees from East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh are beautiful silk sarees that holds grace in its rich color and texture. Though the origin of Uppada was basically for weaving of cotton sarees but with changing trend Uppada sarees are also available in silk.

These sarees are made using the age old jamdani technique for which Uppada sarees are also termed as jamdani sarees where “jam” means flower and “dani” means vase.

As these sarees are made in handloom and is a painstaking process, therefore, it takes around 2 months to complete one single saree. Due to its intricate jamdani weaving process Uppada pattu sarees are among the most expensive varieties of silk sarees.

Silk being an important aspect for ceremonial occasion, therefore, these sarees can be worn for weddings and festivals and the silk being so light weight it is also a great fabric to be worn during summers. Due to high rise in demand and shortage of time power loom has been introduced to meet the target of the retailers but the richness and beauty which are obtained by a handloom cannot be attained by a power loom.

People who understand the ethereal feel that a handloom saree gives will definitely look out for the best place to get it and to name one such hub is Samyakk a master in ethnic wear brand who dwells in the best of fabrics and designer wear.

Samyakk’s collection of Uppada Pattu Sarees will leave you spell bound and whimsical with the beautiful designs, colors, patterns all that you wish to have and make it as a part of your wardrobe treasure. Perfect for upgrading your look with a flourish of feminine finesse. To shop online you can also visit Samyakk’s online shopping site which is https://www.samyakk.com where you will get all the latest collection.

Even if you are residing abroad they impart assurance on worldwide delivery, where you can shop from their entire collection online without any hassle and the product ordered will be delivered to you within the given period of time.

Kanchipuram saree:

Kanchipuram saree, the dazzling silk drapery has made its phenomenon impression in the field of ethnic fashion and textile industry which is advanced in the manufacturing process from the town called Kanchi in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram saree is renowned and recognized for its bestowed allurement and pure zari. The illustriously crafted striking motifs in the form of contemporary patterns on the sheen texture add the elegance and aesthetic value. Kanchipuram sarees are the choice of the woman which is considered as the auspicious attire to drape on. Indian festivals and ceremonies are incomplete without these sarees. The woman buys these sarees not just for own use but also during weddings and festivals as a ritual to offer to relatives and goddesses.

Pattu sarees:

Pattu sarees pat means silk, the pattu sarees are made using silk yarns which is intricately woven to form the desired texture and motifs with zari highlights. The varieties of pattu sarees are the leading-edge textile trend which is picked from various regions of India that has its own prominence.

  • Kanchipuram Saree: The well known drape in the silk saree category is kanchipuram silk saree. Samyakk has the vast range of collection of pure zari saree for the wedding, festivals and ceremonial occasion.
  • Chanderi silk saree: The silk saree features lightweight, the transparent sheen texture made of handspun cotton and silk threads with zari adornment, contrast-colored border, pallu and blouse.
  • Paithani silk saree: The unique saree which is made of pure silk, the multicolored wondrous saree is woven using golden and silver zari along with resham threads with zari border and pallu. The motifs are woven across the body/border of the saree in the form of polychromous floral, creeper, lotus and leaf motifs.
  • Kota doriya saree: The saree made of pure cotton and silk which is woven in the form of small checks along with zari motifs enhancement with zari border and pallu. The transparent saree is the perfect choice for any special occasions.
  • Banarasi silk saree: The ageless and timeless saree is the wedding courtesy for women from ancient times. Banarasi silk saree from Samyakk has variations like banarasi silk saree, banarasi organza silk saree, banarasi tussar silk, banarasi linen silk, anarasi bamboo silk, banarasi tissue silk and banarasi cotton silk.
  • Patola/Ikkat silk saree: Patola/Ikkat silk saree is made of pure silk threads; the yarns are first tie-dyed then woven to form the blurriness geometric motifs with zari border, pallu and blouse.
  • Gadwal silk saree: The saree which is known for its significant texture and aesthetic allurement that can be folded to the size of the match box. The zari border and pallu adds value to the saree.
  • Handloom tussar silk saree: The distinguished coarse weave with lustrous texture on which the zari butta, paisley and conventional to contemporary motifs are woven. The color scheme varies from sober to vibrant.
  • Handloom weaving silk saree: Manufactured in different regions of India using pure silk yarns with golden and silver zari as an embellishment. The saree displayed comes with contrast colored ready to wear embroidered blouse from Samyakk.

Saree is the elegant attire which makes the female look more feminine and delicate. The pattu sarees are the grandiloquent pieces of the designer wear which are adorned with the contemporary detailing to match all the happening occasions. Samyakk new age collection is flamboyantly crafted with in-vogue styling, the pure handloom silk sarees comes with the contrast-colored readymade blouse with opulent embroidery. Visit www.samyakk.com and experience the trendsetting trousseau and celebrate your event with Samyakk.