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Light in weight, it’s articulate…Throwback heirloom to bloom, Uppada silk saree entice by its elegance.

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The touch and feel of this silk saree is bliss, yes its floral vase woven throughout the drapery with grace! One of the predominant sarees of South India hailing from the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is also known as Uppada Jamdani saree. The process of weaving is peculiar and hence remarkable as both the side of the saree features common pattern. It’s ancient and proficient practiced since 300 years proudly producing typical hand woven sarees and this spectacular creation has occupied an especial niche in the saree department of Samyakk.

Uppada silk sarees online bespeak the throwback heirloom of our heritage, silk sarees are numerous each with exclusive appearance entice by its elegance. Uppada silk saree is for obvious reason adored and admired as it is light in weight and articulate. Motifs elicits aesthetics, its geometric styled in the form of floral, animal and bird impeccably designed in detail with contrast zari border, pallu and blouse material. With pleasing poise and in pride for the present day women here are the sarees from samyakk.com to own and crown.

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Uppada Silk Sarees Online at Attractive Prices

Uppada Silk Sarees are known as jamdhani of the south. Once practiced by the weavers of Bengal who later brought their jamdhani technique to the south in the early 19th century, these sarees take nearly two months to be woven and finished, with two weavers working on a single loom. Due to the laborious and time intensive process involved, Uppada pattu sarees are among the most coveted and expensive silk sarees in the world. You can purchase these Uppada silk sarees online Canada with ingenuous craftsmanship in zari yarns, featuring distinct geometrical, floral patterns with vibrant borders and pallu right here at Samyakk.com.

Take a look at some of the Uppada silk sarees online Australia and their trending designs:

  • Uppada pattu sarees with paithani border: These sarees have a paithani border with a plain or rather simple body. Paithani is a Maharashtrian style of silk weaving featuring motifs like peacocks and lotuses.
  • Uppada pattu saree with jamdhani pattern: Choose from our curated collection of Uppada silk sarees online UK with jamdhani like floral patterns adorning the saree for a memorable look.
  • Uppada silk saree with check pattern: These Uppada silk sarees feature checkered woven patterns in multicolour or zari along the border. Browse these and more from our collection of Uppada silk sarees online at Samyakk and carry it off with a graceful aura.
  • Uppada silk saree with ikkat border: With ikkat getting popular among the fashion community, these sarees feature an ikkat woven border for a simple yet radical look.
  • Uppada saree with broad border: These uppada pattu sarees are the most versatile and simplest of all the drapes, and can be worn on any occasions from wedding parties to semi-formal events.