10 Facts Why Bandhani Sarees are Breaking the Fashion Barriers

10 Facts Why Bandhani Sarees are Breaking the Fashion Barriers

10 Facts Why Bandhani Sarees are Breaking the Fashion Barriers

The authentic Indian handicraft of bandhani is making a spectacular revolution and it is the most adored embellishment among women and holds a special space in their wardrobes. This precious art adorning not only the women’s drapery but also identified in the men’s ethnic closet too. The vibrant spectrum of colors and unique design patterns not only enhancing the beauty of the drapery but also providing a unique identity to the fabric. It has also established itself as a sharp style statement around the globe.

Purple & Pink Bandhani Printed Gajji Silk Saree-HM3389

So, what are the specialties and significances this art holds? Let’s find out.

Here I bring to you the quick facts to go through about this beautiful art form.

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  • Bandhani handicraft is one of the oldest and also the simplest fabric embellishment carried out mainly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. But the major production target is Rajasthan.
  • The Hindi word of “Bandhan” which means “tying” is the origination towards the name of “Bandhani” or “Bandhej”.
  • The craftsmen can be easily recognized with their little finger nail growth. It helps them to easily lift the cloth for tying. Some have a metal ring with an edgy point design in them. These are the qualities of the Rajasthan artisans but the Gujarati workers don’t use these techniques to work.
  • The major color schemes used are the yellow, red, green and black and the colors are mostly bright, deep and dark. The colors have special significances such as red is the symbol of marriage, saffron is the color of divinity, yellow stands for the spring season of the new start and finally black and maroon are for mourning.
  • Mimosa Yellow Bandhani Printed Crepe Saree-HN3336
  • The dyes are mostly made of natural ingredients such as leaves, roots, and flowers.
  • The popular design patterns used are the dots, squares, waves, and stripes. The designs are named such as “Ekdali” (single knot), Trikunti (three knots), Chaubandi (four knots), Dungar shahi (mountain pattern), Boond (small dot with a dark centre), kodi (tear drop shape), laddu jalebi (round Indian sweets) and leheriya (waves).
  • The costing is decided according to the number of tie-ups in the fabric/garment. The most intricate design in a saree will consist of approximately 75,000 dots or tie-ups.
  • The colors of the fabric have the tendency to leak when washed, so it is advisable to do a dry cleaning initially and the strength and vibrancy of bandhani are lost if they are ironed on high heat setting, so make sure the heat level is low and put a muslin cloth over it before ironing.
  • The bandhani material is folded twisted, with knotting. The folds are to be pulled out so that the knots are opened.
  • Each area, tribe, and caste has their particular specialty of designs, moreover, the handicraft of bandhani and patola are the outstanding examples of the Indian dyeing art form.
  • Rubine Red Zari Woven Georgette Bandhani Saree-HN2138

Thus, I come to the end of this blog post and hope; you had a rapid knowledge gain about this beautiful art of India.

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