Intend to make a fashion statement? Hooray, The monsoon is on its way!

Intend to make a fashion statement? Hooray, The monsoon is on its way!

Intend to make a fashion statement? Hooray, The monsoon is on its way!

The approach of monsoon is usually a joyous prospect, providing relief from the sweltering heat of the long summer months, the opportunity to finally sit on the balcony, and the delicious fragrance of damp earth; it’s as though when the sky begins to pour, so do a slew of other nice events. And we are sure, quarantine would have obviously meant a lot of snuggling for many of you. Perhaps you’ve even folded your fashion wears and stashed it away in the back of your closet, assuming that undies and yoga pants will suffice for the rest of the year. Now that the embargo has been lifted, it’s time to wake up and get set to redress in your picturesque outfits to make some noise with a beguiling style statement. Now, Who really doesn’t love the monsoon season, after all, it brings much-needed relaxation, but it also makes it somewhat challenging to stay on top of your style and fashion culture game? Obtaining a flattering appearance coupled with the risk of getting muddy and stranded water on your clothes is obvious. Don’t you worry, Samyakk has your back and is here to reveal a few proven monsoon tactics; all you have to do is follow them and stay up to date on the hottest fashion trends to crush your current style statement.


Play with these colors to your advantage!

As the monsoon approaches, it’s time to bid farewell to the summer’s whites and bright of the summer fashion. It’s the perfect time to pull out all those bright colors from your closet that you’ve been putting off, showcase all the red, green, blue, indigo, and yellow, and step outside of the box with your appearance.

Men should use darker shades such as olive green, brown, and blue for the lower body, while the upper body should be lighter. Light-colored jeans/trousers should be shunned since they rapidly stain and become translucent. Opting for brighter colors in the rain will make you look cool.


Pondering what materials are appropriate this season?

To make monsoon trendy this year, avoid light fabrics such as chiffon and silk during the rainy season and embrace the fashion trends of 2021. Instead, use the ones that are easy to dry, require little upkeep, and do not adhere to your skin. Cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics are best friends with the monsoon, so wear them often.

Moving on to prints; monsoons and prints are inextricably linked, so rummage through your closet for any printed outfits. Any printed material, including peculiar shimmy, linear designs, and other off-the-beaten-path prints can be undoubtedly used. Keep in mind that prints and patterns can give you an outstanding yet contemporary look for monsoon fashion.


How do you pull off the monsoon look impeccably?


Here’s a piece of advice to keep in mind: in the monsoons, avoid overly tailored clothing that hampers your movements and makes you feel uncomfortable. During this season, you can set some latest fashion trends for ladies by donning light material short dresses, cotton capris, half-jumpsuits, knee-length skirts, and so forth. All of these adorable pieces will make you look fashionable and also protect you from the filthy waters. For a suitable fashion styling during the monsoon, men should opt for lightweight and comfy T-shirts in vibrant colors, loose cotton shirts, and ankle-length light trousers. You can completely avoid denims and choose the best coordinates for a flawless look!


Women’s ethnic fashion trends during the monsoon

  • To stay comfortable and relaxed, choose salwars or straight cut pants over leggings or churidar.
  • A-line Kurtis are a fantastic alternative to flare kurtas for monsoon wear and are easier to maintain.
  • Clothing made of chiffon, nylon, polycotton, or georgette can be donned with ease and confidence.
  • Swap out dupattas for scarves or stoles, which are less likely to get stained.
  • Go easy with culottes instead of palazzos

Having to wear light-colored clothing is a no-no!


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