Famous Indian Bridal Wears

Famous Indian Bridal Wears

Famous Indian Bridal Wears

       Bridal wears have always played a very important part in any wedding and lot of minute detailing is taken care to design it for a girl’s most special day. Listed below are some of the famous Indian Bridal Wears that will give you a brief idea about different wedding attire in different Indian regions and the latest bridal trends

Northern India

Let us start our journey from Jammu & Kashmir, the extreme northern state of India. Kashmiri bride wears weaved Salwar kameez. They are adorned with beautiful thread weaving which gives the Kashmiri wedding bridal costume a fascinating look. The same attire follows with Punjabis as well.  Punjabi brides usually wear designer salwars. The fabric varies from georgette, silks to banarasi brocade festooned with traditional embroidery work like zari, zardosi and kundan. As Sikhs wedding takes place in Gurdwara and so salwar kameez become an evident Punjabi bridal wear. Following the recent trend, brides are now shifting their choice from conventional red colours to peach, orange, emerald green and so on. The dupatta in Bridal salwar Kameez is heavily designed and the fabric usually matches with the outfit. The bottom varies from well fitted chudidar to patiyala which gathers near the ankel. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh follow the same trend. To add a variation to shalwar kameez,Vanarasi in Utter Pradesh which is said to be the hub of benarasi sarees– the bridal wear in this region in saree. Benarasi saree is world famous for it’s intricately zari weaving and the richness of fabric. Now people are even opting for Designer Bridal Wears to bring a Variation to the Traditional look

Eastern India

Eastern part of India covers West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand and union territories of Andama Nicobar Islands. Saree has been a vital part of Eastern Indian bridal wear and age old traditional Indian attire. In West Bengal apart from Benarasi Sarees which has become the face for bridal wear, Baluchari Sarees is another name that is equally famous. These sarees have design themes of Mahabharat, Ramayana or Mughal reign and are polished after weaving to give it a shiny look. In Odisha Sambalpuri Sarees are frequently used in wedding wear.   Sonepuri sarees is another variation which is known for its rich texture and elegant weaving. The same trend of sarees is followed in Bihar. The style of wearing sarees also plays an important role to your look. The style of wearing a saree can also makes you look slim.

Western India

Goa, Gujarat Maharashtra and union territories of Daman & Diu comprises the western region of India. Bridal wear of Gujarat is bright and gorgeous lehengas. There are designer lehenags or the traditional bhandej designed lehengas. Each and every strings of kundan and zari work are weaved with much fineness. The stone work gives the additional shine to the bridal look. The fabric usually varies from georgette, silk, velvet and brocade. The dupatta is heavily designed to give the bride a ravishing look. In Goa the majority population being Christians, the bridal wear is gowns. Bridal gowns are beautiful designed and well fitted to accentuate the bridal look. The gowns are usually made of net, silks and are beautifully designed with lace. The same trend of sarees is followed in Maharashtra.

South India

One thing that clicks to our mind when the name of south India comes to our mind is that of traditional Kanjevaram Saress. The richness of the fabric and the intricately weaved zari work gives prettiest look to a bride. Mysore silk saree is also famous South Indian Bridal wear. The latest trends of silk sarees are also changing to add variation to bridal look.

With time the bridal wear of India has undergone many fashionable changes. The influence of western style has even left its trace on Indian bridal wears. People are now opting for Indo- western bridal wear for extra style and comfort. Samyakk online shopping is a one stop solution to all brides who are looking for some limited edition of bridal wear for their special day. Samyakk wedding Wear will make your day special by giving the ideal bridal look

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