Celebrating bracing “Ugadi” and “Gudi Padwa”!!!

Celebrating bracing “Ugadi” and “Gudi Padwa”!!!

Celebrating bracing “Ugadi” and “Gudi Padwa”!!!

When the rays seem to be fragile & pure…

And the blue is luminous as birds soar!!!

The roots are gripping to the field…

And like an infant the blossom bud!!!

The aroma of the early rains…

Oh…the tap of crystal drops from heavens!!!

The thoughts of new possibility…

And the sensation of optimism towards prosperity!!!

A walk towards the crisp path of time…

Leaving behind that broke down dream!!!

And let your soul be free and alive…

As we rejoice the festival of “New Beginning” called “Ugadi” & “Gudi Padwa”!!!

As we are nearing to the festival of “Ugadi”& “Gudi Padwa”…let us all grip up to our excitement level and look forward for the interesting arrangements to be done on this auspicious day.

But first those who are unaware of the tale behind this day should definitely go through the flashback and understand the significance of these festivities of “Ugadi” & “Gudi Padwa”!!!

“Ugadi” & “Gudi Padwa” Throwback!!!

The string attached towards the celebration of “Ugadi” goes back to the mythological era when Lord Brahma the creator of the universe, made a sequel of creations including the earth and all the live forms. Along with the new beginning of life began by “Lord Brahma”, the creation of the new astronomical cycle came into motion. Devotees wakeup before dawn & take oil bath. Decorate the house entrance with mango leaves & colorful rangolis. Unique dishes from sweet to bitter are to be eaten in the morning. Dishes are made out of neem buds, jaggery, green chilli, salt, tamarind juice & raw mango. The dishes signify different experiences in life and absorbing it should keep moving on.

On the same day “Gudi Padwa” is also celebrated in the state of Maharashtra, for the same reason. The history also states that the “Gudi” is hoisted on this day to welcome the great “Shivaji Maharaj” who won number of battles and became victorious.  Thus, the “Gudi” symbolizes as the “Victory Flag” & is adorned with mango leaves, silk cloth & garland with red flowers, which are considered auspicious.

Thus, the festivities of “Ugadi” & “Gudi Padwa” are celebrated for a new start and positive expectations in the days ahead.

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Shopping plus festivities are the different sides of the same coin. “Ugadi” & “Gudi Padwa” are considered as the auspicious time to buy new things. Especially, shopping for gold is one of the sacred tasks to be done on this day. Gold brings prosperity and well being to the house.

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May this new start bring you showering happiness and prosperity.

Happy “Ugadi” to Kanadiga’s…

And Happy “Gudi Padwa” to Maratha’s!!!

We are the colors of India and we stand one!!!

Wishes from the team of “Samyakk”…Eternally Graceful.

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