Happy New Beginning – Happy Ugadi

A new year for Indians. A new beginning for the Fresh yield in the Farm. Actually, the trees starts shedding their leaves at the month of March and April and new leaves starts growing by taking the energy from sun and earth. The sun changes the axis of Rotation at this time. We can see greenery everywhere. The farmers start yielding new seeds in the Field. The Ugadi is the festival when the farmers worship the land for good products to the earth and start the sowing on the day itself. Some villages have the ritual of taking the family, relatives and friends and feed them with special sweets and all so that due to their blessings the farmer can get good yield. On that day they will spend whole day in the field. They play, sing and dance as a beginning of New Year.

According to Indian ethics, it is a time for war. The rain and cold will not bother the soldiers at this time and they will be welcomed back to the home with fresh and healthy food as they fought for us. A new year may start on January 1st for others but according to Indian calculations the year begins on the day of Ugadi and the year will be considered from ugadi to ugadi. The sun changes its axis so the earth’s atmosphere changes suddenly on that day. Every part of India has their own way to celebrate this festival.  On the day of Ugadi the pupil get up early, clean the house and get ready and move to temple for the welfare of the family and prepare Delicious sweets and go to their farms if they own it and enjoy their lunch in the farm with all and come in the evening back to home and put the light lamps and celebrate. However poor the person may be he celebrates this festival with enthusiasm thinking that his luck may change this year with prosperity.

There is a song as “yuga ugadi kaledaru ugadi marali baruthide hosa varushake hosa harushava hosatu hosatu tarutide” meaning the centuries are passing as soon as possible but the Ugadi comes every year with same enthusiasm and brings new hopes and new happiness in everybody’s life. Yuga means century in Kannada. It’s a festival of joy, hope and new life. In some places this festival is celebrated as the festival of high preference for business people. They close all their old registers and begin with the new on this day and it’s like annual period for most of the offices and shops.

Above all it’s a day to the whole family to sit together and enjoy their day with relatives and friends. It’s coming this week. Let’s wish that everyone have their good time and have prosperity and health throughout their life. Wish the farmers have good yield to fulfill the stomach of whole nation.

On the occasion of the ugadi festival the people go to market to shop new clothes to all the members of the family. The Indians give more preference to ethnic wears on the day of festival. They enjoy being traditional specially on that day. They wear traditional dresses and accessories to look more elegant and beautiful. The Indian ethnic wear changes from one culture to another. The culture of people in India changes from one cast to another, one locality to another. The dress is the only thing which differentiates the culture of the people. The people of Karnataka usually prefer the silk sarees and silk dhotis on the festival, the north Indian people prefer lehengas in the variety of designs. The design also changes based on culture. The kanchipuram silk is the most elegant silk which makes you look like a diva in the crowd.

On the day of ugadi the Karnataka people most prefer silk saree from mother, silk dhoti and pure white cotton shirt for the father and son, lahenga for the daughters. The charms of the new wears make them feel fresh and happy. It’s a duty of the head of the family to get the new dress for the pupil of the house. The accessories changes with the dress style. The mother looks so pleased by that silk saree that she wears all her gold ornaments and enjoy like a child with other members of the family, father feels relief by seeing smile on faces of everyone. The kids compare their dresses with each other and compete who is the best. The ethnic wears makes them remember them to remind their childhood and re enjoy the past moments.

When they go for shopping they find so much confused in the selection of the wear and finally they go home with the dream of wearing that new dress on the day of festival and shining like celebrity. Unless the person wears his ethnic wear the festival looks incomplete to him.



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  1. March 23, 2023

    […] Ugadi and Season Change: Ugadi marks the beginning of spring or the Vasant Ritu. Farmers wait for the first showers after the New Year to plow and begin the next cycle of farming. The festival celebrates nature’s regeneration. All trees begin to sprout tender leaves. The markets are flooded with different types of fruits. And most importantly Neem trees begin to blossom. We see the symbols and colors of Spring in nature. Ugadi celebration forges with great enthusiasm and this boosts people to accept the newness of life. During Ugadi, garlands of mango leaves & jasmine flowers are used. The decoration of the entrance of the house is done with these garlands. This is the season of jasmine and mango. And that’s why you see the use of jasmine and mango in Ugadi which is also a symbol of well-being. Moreover, jasmine heals the mind while the fragrance of fresh neem and mango heals airborne diseases. […]

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