History of Kanchipuram Saree

History of Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram silk saree comes from South India, originated in a small town named Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. It is a type of silk saree that is worn for special events by women in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. These sarees are known for their craftsmanship as it takes a long time to make a single saree. Most of these sarees usually have a contrasting Zari border. There are two types of Zari, Pure & Tested Zari. Pure Zari is made of twisted red & silver threads dipped in gold to form pure Zari. Tested Zari, also known as Half Fine Zari is electroplated with a gold solution to look like pure Zari. Kanchipuram sarees are hand woven with pure mulberry silk threads. A pure Kanchipuram saree will always feel soft when rubbed gently without any unevenness, fake Kanchipuram saree will always be slightly coarser than genuine Kanchipuram. The Kanchipuram silk sari was initially woven in a 9-yard weave, but more practical 6-yard weaves have been introduced throughout time. The original gold and silver shavings have been replaced by metal or copper shavings, maintaining the texture’s lustre while lowering expenses.

The history of Kanchipuram sarees can be traced back to Hindu mythology, it was said that silk weavers were the descendants of Sage Markanda who were known as the master weavers of God and many years later the descendants settled in the small town of Kanchipuram and continued to weave silk like their ancestors. Years ago, these sarees used to be woven in temples. The most special feature of Kanchipuram saree is that the border and the pallu are woven separately
and eventually stitched together. The pallu of the saree is usually very different from the colour of the border as the borders are usually in a contrasting colour with woven Zari on them. The Kanjeevaram fabric is considered one of the strongest and most durable fabrics to exist. The saree is made of three silk threads twisted together with Zari, that is, silk threads dipped in liquid gold and silver to make it durable. These sarees can weigh up to two kilograms in weight. Zari threads come
from Surat and mulberry silk comes from Karnataka. The small town of Kanchipuram does not manufacture raw materials, silk or Zari that are used in the production of a silk saree. It is known as the ‘Silk City’ as most of its population is dependent on the silk industry. Weavers from the neighbouring cities are also involved in the production of these silk sarees. In India, silk production is concentrated mainly in South India, Assam, and West Bengal to a certain extent. Kanchipuram is a
significant producer of silk in South India. These sarees vary in cost depending on the intricacy of the work, pattern, colour and the Zari used (pure or tested Zari). In South India, the Kanchipuram Silk Saree, also called Kanjivaram Saree, is frequently compared to the Banarasi Saree. Because of its thick fabric and bright gold colours, this sari is suitable for formal gatherings and celebrations. Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram silk saris are the perfect choices if you’re seeking an elegant ethnic
alternative. Saree has become a must-have for women in traditional ceremonies, weddings, and other events in South India.

In the older days, Kanchipuram sarees traditionally had designs representing simple gold lines or gold dots. Keeping the changing trends in mind Kanchipuram silk sarees have transformed, even Kanchipuram designer silk sarees are available now with embroidery or crystal work done on the traditional silk saree. One of the latest trends in these sarees is using ancient paintings and images of gods and goddesses in the pallu.

As mentioned earlier, these sarees are distinguished by their wide contrasting borders with woven Zari work. Traditional designs like temple borders, checks, stripes & floral motifs are found. The motifs and patterns found in these sarees are inspired by temples in South India, leaves, animals & birds. Indian weavers are known for depicting classical motifs drawn from nature like the swan, the lotus, the tree of life, the Vase of Plenty, the elephant, the lion, peacocks and others in their
handwoven textiles, which have been in existence for more than two thousand years. The

iconography of the Dravidian motifs was adapted from other regions and civilisations, but has been customised for our cultural design aesthetic.
In order to safeguard the radiance of the Kanjeevaram silk sarees, the Indian Government has recognized it as a Geographical Indication in 2006. You’ll find a Silk Mark on these Kanchipuram sarees that indicates its authenticity. Silk Mark is a certification mark in India for silk textiles. The mark certifies that the piece of textile which bears the mark is made of pure natural silk. The certification is managed by the ‘Silk Mark Organisation of India’, a society set up by the state-
controlled Central Silk Board of India. These Kanchipuram sarees are the most expensive hand- woven garments as it requires tremendous man power and weaving a saree by hand takes extensive time. Approximately three craftsmen work on these stunning Kanjivaram silk saree at once and
complete it within 10-20 days. Furthermore, the duration might increase if the saree encompasses more detailing and if there’s a lot of intricate work. Only skilled craftsmen can weave these sarees but you cannot find a lot of experienced Kanchipuram craftsmen in the world, also you cannot find
many genuine manufacturers of these sarees in other parts of the world or even in India as most of them are only based in Tamil Nadu. Also, the presence of pure silk and Zari make these sarees expensive as these sarees are one of a kind. All of these factors combined make it a rare piece of
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