Celebrate The Festive Of Colors In Charismatic Style

Celebrate The Festive Of Colors In Charismatic Style

Celebrate The Festive Of Colors In Charismatic Style

A boisterous yet colorful festival of incredible India symbolizes the beginning of the spring season and the triumph of good over evil. The vibrant festive of India is celebrated in Phalguna month on the full moon, which usually occurs in February and March. The Holi festival has been celebrated since the fourth century. Holi is celebrated all over the world, but the majority of the festivities take place in India and Nepal. The joyous Holi festival is also said to be a reenactment of Lord Krishna’s game with Radharani and the gopis. On the day of holi festival every nook and corner of India is filled with colorful fights, booming music, energetic dance steps, traditional food stalls, and many more. As you know the holi festival brings the family and friends together and being the stylish one in the crowd is always a wise decision.

Allow your style to talk

People typically choose the classic white color for the Holi carnival, which involves playing with a plethora of colors. You can deviate from the norm by wearing trending pastel colors and bright colors for the occasion, such as warm red shades and pink shades. This trendy holi season don’t shy away from on going trends like euphoric prints, gorgeous colors and exaggerated silhouettes. You can opt for bollywood inspired sarees coupled with a westernized blouse in contrast color for an exuberant edit.  Pastel color straight cut salwar kameez with embellished vibrant dupatta is perfect for a breezy festive with an admirable mood. Monochromatic kurta pajama with a printed waistcoat is the best way to add modish flavor to your ethnic outfit. If your holi party is planned in the night then go for a glamorous evening gown with the dramatic silhouette to make a great impact. Perk up your style game on your holi party with a trendy jodhpuri suit or classic suit designed with stunning collar and embellishment.


World of Elegance

Samyakk brings you trendy outfit collections for this 2021 holi party and rangwali holi celebration. From traditional to trendy designs, our festive collection are sure to put your style firmly in the spotlight. There is a large selection of sarees, salwars, gowns, lehengas, kurtas, waistcoats, jodhuri suits, and many other styles, as well as all types of embellishments. When it comes to authenticity, every design is crafted with high-quality fabric and embellishments. Browse through www.samyakk.com or stop over at Samyakk store in Bengaluru for sumptuous festive collection and charm your way through this holi festival.


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