Rejoicing “The Valentine’s Day”!!!

When cupids take their best shot….

Rejoicing “The Valentine’s Day”!!!

The month of eternal love & devotion has breezed in and the day is right around the corner. A sweet knock is yet to be heard and the songs of tenderness will be ringing soon…

The little angel cupids are all set to aim their best shot to hit those restless hearts with their arrows & the letters engraved with the essence of warmth & passion yet to arrive…

Sup Peeps..!!

To the lover’s or “to be” one’s get ready for some showering surprises that will make your moment of the day something “Red & Pink” making you “Blush & Smile” all day long !!!

As we celebrate “The Valentine’s Day”!!!

There is always a curiosity and interest among everyone why we celebrate a particular festivity and the story behind is always captivating which makes us happy & content when we celebrate it.

So I would like to share this interesting story that lies behind this beautiful “Valentine’s Day”!!!

Don’t worry…People…it won’t take too long 🙂

This is how the tale of “St Valentine” goes…

It all started in Rome when the ruling emperor was “Claudius”. He was against the church and Christianity. He prohibited the marriage of young people as he thought during war time unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers as they will be afraid of what might happen to them & their families, if they died.

St Valentine was a roman priest at that time and he encouraged the young to marry within the Christian church and he secretly got them married.

St Valentine was eventually caught, imprisoned & tortured as he performed the marriage ceremonies against the command of Emperor Claudius the second.

While his time in prison, he came across a man called “Asterius” who was the guard in line with the Roman law. He had a daughter who was blind. St Valentine prayed & healed the young girl with astonishing result. Pleased with St Valentine “Asterius” himself became a Christian and became the follower of “St Valentine”.

Later St Valentine was sentenced for more severe punishments that followed with beating, stoning & finally assassination all because he stood up for Christian marriage.

Finally the tale comes to an end with the last words he wrote in a note sent to “Asterius’s” daughter and signing it as “from your Valentine” which inspires today’s romantic missives.

Thus the day is celebrated to honor the man “St Valentine” who gave his life for the sake of holy bond of “Love & Marriage”.

Coming to that huge agenda of things to do on Valentine’s Day!!!

Sup, what’s in that checklist???

V-Day Game Plan

There you go as you mark the day and outline the stuffs you are planning to do to bring that blushing smile on your sweethearts face. Something red, something glittery and something beautiful should be the idea behind the whole surprise mission.


  • Soul Food with Soul Mates:

Food is the soul essence that builds a strong and eternal relationship. Whether it’s the homemade food or the restaurants. Take your sweetheart on a special date to their favorite restaurant or simply stay back home and enjoy the cooking fun together. Sometimes cooking together at the kitchen may be the best place to enhance that bond. Go ahead and start cooking those delicious delicacies & spend some calm and tender moment with your love.


  • Take that Trip :

Grab those trek shoes, stuff your bags, and hold on tight to those hands & head start to a beautiful place you have never been before. Plan up an adventure or exciting road trip and enjoy every moment when you have that special person besides you.

  • Express it with goodies :

Go on a shopping spree and hunt for that special gift which will make your love astonished and blush. Checkout the cool stuffs that come into store with interesting messages and fresh ideas. Don’t miss out to avail those amazing discounts during the V-Day, which will be lighter on your pockets too.

Step in to the “Samyakk” store & browse through the “V-Day” special collections in ethnics for woman in the ravishing sarees and trendy kurta’s to flaunt. Also check over the “Men’s Wear” collections of smart & sassy ethnics to grandstand for that special day.

  • Hobby Fun :

Hobbies can become fun as you get engaged into each other.  Loose the time track and enjoy every moment with your sweetheart. Share each other’s hobbies and you will grip up to those never ending naughty moments.


  • Chatter Box :

Catch that steaming coffee mug and rejoice the moment with a deep & warm conversation with your partner. Move on through a serious talk which can turn to silly and playful debate, bringing in that chemistry between you both. That’s true “Anything can happen on a coffee”.


  • Celebrating Family:

Don’t worry if you are still single and just not ready to mingle. Family is the one always there to be on special moments. Celebrate the V-Day to the core with your family and friends and laugh out hard.

“Happiness is Family”!!!

There you go…with some of the V-Day mission plans you can target to bring that romance breeze pass by..!!!

As I express the V-Day Spirit through a short poem:

The Journey of forever…

Until dawn peeps in, the bright star will spread its wings of golden rays & the eternity bird’s chirp on a crisp morn…Love will find its way.

Until the cold mist of winter’s stay, the nights are longer than the days & the sound of bells is heard from faraway…Love will find its way.

Until the fresh aroma of mud breezes, the pouring drops from the bliss & the acoustics of croaks from a distant…Love will find its way.

Until the tick the lashes blink, a blind will see the terrene & the tears will drop out & dry…Love will find its way.

Until an infant cries out in the cradle, mother’s melody will settle & the innocence smiles…Love will find its way.

Until the restless hearts crave to be one, the souls will find each other with a blessed hand from the heavens…Love will find its way…

As this “Journey is of forever”!!!!

  • Karuna Iyer


Happy Valentine’s Day to all from the team of “Samyakk”!!




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