Ohhh!! The new look on Kanchipuram sarees

Ohhh!! The new look on Kanchipuram sarees

Ohhh!! The new look on Kanchipuram sarees

A Kanchipuram saree is a type of saree traditionally made by weavers from Kanjipuram located in TAMIL NADU, INDIA popularly known as Kanchipuram saree!

Weaving World of Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram/Kanjeevaram sarees are weaved by pure mulberry silk (and it comprises) handloom weavers, (these are woven by gold & silver threads), into their sarees which is very unique by itself compared to other sarees.

The traditional Kanchipuram sarees are hand woven in two parts (the Pattu technique) the pallu and the borders are woven in one color as one unit and attached to the body of the saree which is woven separately in a different color which gives a rich and a classy look to the saree.

Trendy styles in Kanchipuram today

Today there are so many options coming out in Kanchipuram world where the youth of our country and the known Bollywood celebs prefer wearing, there are various options like sarees, lehengas, to turning up sarees in skirts, tunics, floor length Anarkali and straps.

Kanchipuram on auspicious occasions 

Kanchipuram sarees adapt to a women’s sensuality and also makes her look elegant and classy, Kanchipuram sarees are extremely versatile! It flatters the wearer, and doesn’t judge between the thin and the curvaceous figure, instead lending both dignity and sensuousness which is why it’s been the “NATIONAL DRESS” of our country. In India what touches the Indian woman the most is their clothes to be more specific, their “sarees”. Wearing a Kanchipuram saree for a grand occasion   is a traditional culture in south India. In all south Indian weddings we find all beautiful women dressed up in Kanchipuram sarees with elegant, stylish and crisp look.

Speciality of Kanchipuram sarees

The older it is the more expensive and rare it becomes, Kanchipuram sarees are known for their durability, it’s made not only for the lifetime but also to outlive it.

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