How can South India inspire you to wear Kanchipuram Silk Saree?

How can South India inspire you to wear Kanchipuram Silk Saree?

How can South India inspire you to wear Kanchipuram Silk Saree?

The diversified Indian culture and their strong belief towards traditional values have a close association of relating it to the way of inhabitants dressing which also reflects towards the making process of the robe. The southward horizon of India, have some deep kept tales of gold weaving for which the demand is huge and the prospect to get inspired is boundless.


The South Indian terrain has a timeless antiquity and strong inclination towards traditionality and rituals. The land of South India is believed to be the abode of famous and oldest temples. With its beautiful and stunning architectures, it captivates travelers from across the globe.

One of such amazing place in this region is “Kanchipuram” in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and the famous reel of gold in the weaving of the precious Kanchipuram silk saree is manufactured from this place. India is a place where you will never find a simple and sober wedding ceremony. It is always celebrated in a grand manner and when navigating towards south India the bride is beautifully decked up with pure silk sarees and gold jewels.

The specialty of this region is that it bends more towards the strict following of rituals and people have strong religious beliefs. A ceremony is followed with precise procedures and the quality of punctuality is right at the outset of their list.


The culture and enduring feature of this place also reflect on its traditional drapery of kanchipuram sarees. These sarees are the fundamental essentials of the south Indian bride and it is inspiring many women across the globe. The traditional significance of kanchipuram saree is very deep and it is looked forward as the symbol of divinity. It was believed that sage “Markanda” who was the weaver for gods, his descendants carried forward the weaving art further through generations.

Thus South Indian kanchipuram sarees have been given a superior position and is worn by women on auspicious occasions. These kanchi weavers did the job so perfectly that it was seemed to be woven out of the lotus petals. It was also presumed that the Hindu lord “Vishnu” adored the silk fabric and was his beloved textile. Thus silk was linked to being the heavenly fabric of hope for divine blessings. This lustrous drapery holds incredible features of gorgeous motif designs and amazing display of shades. The motifs on the saree depict the story of South India…with an incorporation of stunning temple architecture, nature, chariots, coins, mangoes and more.

The whole culture of the south can be looked out in a single kanchipuram saree. Another specialty of south India that keeps the visitors engaged with the saree is that the shops also provide you with your very own customized kanchipuram saree. They have their own artisans in the store who are ready to hand-weave the saree of your choice. The orders take an approximate duration of 15 days or more to complete a single saree depending upon the intricate designs.


The kanchipuram sarees of south India has crossed the Indian boundaries and has inspired the international runways. Some of the acclaimed designers such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton took inspiration from the Indian brocades and silks. Alexander McQueen’s fall 2008 collection was based upon on theme of “British royalty meeting Indian regality”. One of the pieces had a creative play of maroon silk saree drape and had a mermaid kind of fall to it.

It was noticed as the sovereign masterpiece in the show. On the visit to South India, the beautiful traditional houses depict a story of its own and will make you get completely absorbed into its beauty of pure simplicity. The beautiful shades of colors on the houses will take you into an exotic zone of refreshing ambiance. Such kind of hues can also be seen on the kanchipuram sarees which is truly zealous. The houses are spacious, simple and allow the way for good ventilation as the temperature is always humid and keeps rising approximate to 35 degrees during summer.

The investment on the kanchipuram saree is totally worth it because it will not only uplift your charm but also will bring you closer to the marvelous land of south India.

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