Relishing Spirited “Holi”!!!

Relishing Spirited “Holi”!!!

Relishing Spirited “Holi”!!!

The morn of that bracing day…

When the hued beam of the star is radiant…

A sensation of zeal breezing through you…

And the aura is enchanting…

The sound of naughty giggle from that rim…

And the sneaking eye behind those curb….

The hidden hands with tinge of dust…

Stay vigilant…oh…It may stain that ivory robe…

The warm greets from those beloved…

Where “one” nationality is rouged…!!!

And we grin again on this “Festival of colors”…

As we Celebrate “Holi”…!!!!

  • Karuna Iyer

What’s up peeps..!!!

The colorful eternity is soon going to arrive…So get ready to splurge out “extreme” with the enthralling splash of colors on this festivity.

Recapturing the festivity!!!

The mythology of the holi festival has vivid tales and the mass celebrate this festivity with their heart and soul.

The meaning of the word “Holi” represents “Burning”. It is associated with the tale of a king called “Hiranyakasyap”.He wanted in his kingdom that everyone should worship him, but his son “Prahlad” became a keen devotee of “Lord Narayana”.The king had a sister named “Holika. She was blessed with the power of entering into the fire without hurting herself. The king commanded “Holika” to enter the fire with “Prahlad” on her lap.

However, she didn’t realize that the power worked only when she entered into the fire alone. Unfortunately, she paid the price for her sin and “Prahlad” was saved by his extreme devotion towards “Lord Narayana”.

Thus the festival of “Holi” is celebrated to cherish the victory of “Good” over “Evil”.

The tale of celebrating holi is also associated from the place of Mathura, India where “Lord Krishna” playing with colors and applying it to his adored “Radha” & other gopis in the village. Eventually this play got popularized and became a tradition.

Thus “Holi” is also rejoiced with the remembrance of “Lord Krishna” & “Radha” and symbolizes “Love & Emotion”.

Pheww…That was some serious knowledge Hit!!! 😉

Anyway let’s move ahead and peep in to some interesting stuffs to look out for as the festive waves carry you away…!!!

The excitement & Enthusiasm towards the celebration of holi turns out to be wacky and wild. People are immersed into colors and the lively spirit is unstoppable & uniform throughout the eternity.

  • The Pool Party:

Plunge into that pool with your buddies or to a resort and celebrate with “Bhang” on the side and get carried away with the “Holi” spirit.

Face the Splash!!!

  • Pick of the day:

Shopping spree can never go out of the sight when festivities are around the corner.

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Happy Shopping!!!

  • The yummylicious moment:

Get engrossed into that cooking mood, as food is the soul of any occasion.

The special delicacies from the “Gujiya” to “Thandai” completes the whole spirit of “Holi”. Enjoy throughout the cooking mode with your family and show off some serious cooking skills.

Stir Away!!!

Towards the end of this blog post…On this colorful “Holi”….I would like to express my thoughts…

Splashing colors on each other is extremely fun…But be safe and think before you attack some one with your handful of “Holi” equipment’s.

Finally try your level best to spread the colors of “kindness and humanity” because the world needs it and lending a helping hand will make the world a better place to live in. “A “Smile” can make the difference!!!

“Bura na Mano”!!!

Holi Hai!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing everyone “Safe & Blasting “Holi” from “Samyakk” Eternally Beautiful!!!!

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