UGADI: The Enlightenment of New Beginning

UGADI: The Enlightenment of New Beginning

UGADI: The Enlightenment of New Beginning

The phrase “UGADI” is a beautiful combination of two words: “Yug” refers to “Era” and “Adi” refers to “New Beginning”. According to popular epics on the day of Ugadi, Lord Brahma began creating the world and wrote the fates of people. This festival is usually celebrated in the month of late March or early April of the Gregorian calendar. Ugadi festival is closely connected to harvesting and on a festive day, Gudi is seen to welcome goddesses and prosperity at the entrance to the homes. Ugadi is incomplete without “Bevu Bella” or “Ugadi Pachadi”, it is prepared using 6 tastes that represent the 6 emotions of life (sour, bitter, sweet, salty, tangy, and hot). This traditional festival is well known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, and Ugadi in Karnataka. It is believed that Ugadi is one of the auspicious days to exchange gifts and start new ventures. So let’s celebrate a new beginning with blessings, delicious cuisine, and new traditional clothing.

Refreshing Trinkets of Ugadi

The best way to celebrate the Ugadi festival is by embracing the cultural couture.  Men and women in Karnataka buy new clothes and ornaments for this day in preparation for the New Year. On Ugadi, you will get to see women dolled up in the traditional silk sarees, classic salwar kameez, trendy gowns, and gorgeous lehenga choli. The men prefer wearing embellished kurta pajamas, stunning waistcoats, and dhoti with angavastram. With a time transition, our traditional clothing has been upgraded and the fashion industry has introduced several new trends. Since the Ugadi festival is around the corner let’s spruce up the traditional style with modish fineness.  Seamlessly glorify your cherished Ugadi look by commingling your traditional outfit with a contemporary style statement piece and heirloom style gold-tone temple jewelry. Your fear of not finding the right outfit on the occasion will doubtlessly be replaced with confidence as Samyakk has always got your back with myriads of trending styles and unique collections in terms of classic charm.

Samyakk’s Dazzling Adornments

This Ugadi give a break to your usual ethnic avatar and experiments with Samyakk’s trending collection designed with delightful colors and glories embroideries. Our festive collection is brimming with authentic silk sarees with gorgeous embellishment, salwar kameez with a sumptuous color palette, trendy Indo western gowns, magnificent lehenga choli, and classic kurta pajama with elaborated waistcoats. With compassion, enthusiasm, and precision, our team has spent countless hours creating this exclusive festive collection. Every design is crafted with elite fabrics, ceaseless weaves, trendy silhouettes, and traditional ornamentation. You can find our Ugadi festive collection both available online and offline. Browse through or stop over at the Samyakk store in Bangalore for elegantly crafted trendy designs. Cherish this Gudi Padwa or Ugadi in a grandiose way and be the precious part of the vast family of Samyakk. This Ugadi, may all of your dreams come true and you achieve success in all areas of your life! we wish you a joyous and prosperous Ugadi!





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