Modest and Graceful Kanchipuram Silk Sarees For Wedding

Modest and Graceful Kanchipuram Silk Sarees For Wedding

Modest and Graceful Kanchipuram Silk Sarees For Wedding

With the time many things have changed. But even today Kanchipuram silk saree which defines true beauty of an Indian woman is worn on almost every occasion. Even though this is the oldest Indian attire, it is preferred by most Indian women. That is because it adds to the beauty and grace of every woman who wears it. It brings them into the spotlight of envy and also it brings in a lot of appreciation from others. All these factors make these Kanchipuram silk sarees popular.

Now coming to the design patterns with which these sarees are designed, there are a lot of design patterns which are followed to make this wonderful silk saree. While some Kanchipuram sarees are designed with floral desr3780sign pattern some others come with mango design pattern. These sarees also differ in their color, border and pallu weight. They are available in various colors such as white, red, blue, beige, maroon, pink etc. Some Kanchipuram sarees come with heavy border and heavy pallu while some others come with light border and light pallu. The motifs used on these silk sarees are mostly images of different animals such as Swans, peacocks and elephants.

These sarees are decorated with Resham work, Zari work, Brocade Checks and Plain work which makes them different from one another. The uniqueness of these fine silk sarees also depends on the crafting work which is carried out on each one of these. Mostly these Kanchipuram silk sarees are crafted with Zari work and thread work.

Apart from these, Kanchipuram sarees are quite popular for their gorgeous yet modest look. These would be the proud possession of any Indian woman. Especially during weddings the demand of these sarees is at high. These sarees are made in a small town called Kanchipuram. The way these sarees are made is quite interesting. Firstly, the thread is prepared on the weaver’s loom. After that the same thread is dyed in different colors. Once it is dyed in beautiful colors the next thing which is done is, it is left to dry out in the sun. For intricately designed silks it takes upto 25 days to prepare a Kanchipuram silk saree.

These sarees are not only worn on wedding occasions but these are also worn on some popular festivals like diwali and dussehra. In fact these are the best festive wears. The half and half design pattern which comes with some of the designer Kanchipuram sarees gives these sarees a fabulous look. The crystal stone work which is carried out on these sarees makes the wearer look charming.

At Samyakk you will find a large number of designer wedding sarees which include Kanjeevaram real Zari, Handloom silk, Banarasi silk and Kanjeevaram tested Zari sarees. These wedding silk sarees which come in different patterns and embellishment are available at the best prices at Samyakk. Kanchipuram sarees for different occasions like wedding, parties and festivals are available at Samyakk. With great joy Samyakk offers a wide variety of bridal Kanchipuram sarees. It has a huge collection of unique and pure Kanchipuram silk sarees.


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