Highlight the dainty of Onam

Highlight the dainty of Onam

Highlight the dainty of Onam

Significance of Onam Festival

National Festival of Kerala, Onam is the most important annual event for every Malayalees. Onam is celebrated on the ‘Thirvonam’ day of Malayalam month ‘Chingam’ to mark the visit of Mahabali to his land. All people irrespective of religious beliefs or color difference celebrate this festival, and it coincides with the harvesting season of Kerala. The festival of Onam is a synonym to prosperity and vivacity and this is the reason why it is celebrated in a joyful manner.

Endless Fun during Onam Festival

Onam is also the carnival seasons of Kerala, people actively engaging in a variety of activities like Boat racing, Pulikali (Dressing up like tigers or leopards), ball games, playing drama and the list of activities is endless. Women also engage in dancing, singing, Kathakali, Martial Arts.

Cuisine of Onam

You can splurge on delicious dishes lastly; the cuisine specially prepared for Onam festival is a hit amongst travelers. The main attraction of this auspicious day is serving rice with at least 15 side dishes on banana leaves.

Onam Traditional Look

Kerala Sarees traditionally known as Kasavu sarees is made out of cotton fabric and comes in the authentic off-white color with a golden border. This sarees is worn by all women from Kerala origin for all traditional occasions, wearing this sarees reflects strong cultural and ethical backgrounds as well as portrays a sense of pride in the wearer from Samyakk™. The traditional Kanjivaram sarees usually is made out of silk; These days this traditional attire is being transformed with colourful imprints, floral borderline, prints only in the pleats and many more such appealing varieties, The Samyakk™ have a variety of Kerala sarees in store with a wide range in terms of price and quality to suit the needs of every woman who aspires to wear this traditional form. This privileged sarees is famous for its simple and elegant look almost all over India.

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