Know About Different Types of Salwar Suits

Know About Different Types of Salwar Suits

Know About Different Types of Salwar Suits


Black Salwar Suit

Salwar Suits

Yellow Salwar Kameez

India is well-known for its traditional wear for women that not only look elegant, but also defines the beauty of a woman. Salwar suits are one of the beautiful Indian outfits that are known for their grace, charm and elegance. They are the quintessential wardrobe necessity of any woman. Salwar suits combine the intricate design of fashion with the elegance of comfort wear. They are available with many possibilities in designing using different fabrics and stitching styles. Adding elegance to the wearer’s overall appearance, salwar suits are perfect for any occasion. They have always been in fashion with innovative and new cuts. Some of the different types of salwar suits are,

Plain Salwar Kameez

Plain salwar kameez is the simplest style of salwar kameez. In this style, the top is stitched in “A” shape pattern. It’s the perfect outfit for any body type and is the most comfortable style of salwar kameez amongst all other styles.

Anarkali Salwar Suit

As the name itself implies, Anarkali salwar suits are inspired by the royal dressing of Mughals. The top of Anarkali salwar suit is tight from the upper body till the waist at which point it opens up like an umbrella. This dress is the most favourite of any woman in most of the occasions like weddings, ethnic functions, parties, etc.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

Patiala salwar kameez is the first of the Punjabi style salwar. It hails from the Patiala region of Punjab. This magnificent outfit is created using a large number of folds and pleats to create a fanned and voluminous pant. It’s quite heavy but looks very ravishing.

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