Latest Trends in Festive Designer Blouses

Latest Trends in Festive Designer Blouses

Latest Trends in Festive Designer Blouses

The Indian word for a saree blouse is ‘choli’. A blouse or a choli is basically a midriff-baring upper garment which is supposed to be worn with a saree to complete the costume. Sometimes, a blouse is also worn along with a ghagra and a dupatta. The modern convention is the saree blouse is a crop top. The choli, blouse or crop top all three are cropped at the midriff of a woman body allowing the navel to be exposed.

Like every saree has its own form of draping around a woman’s body, similarly a blouse is like an ornament for the saree.

In earlier times, blouses had high neck lines in the front and back. A woman wearing a blouse with a plunging neckline was not considered a ‘lady’. Honorable women would cover their back and her upper arms with the help of a blouse. Also blouses in those days were made of thicker fabric. However today, the entire approach towards this Indian blouse has completely changed in form, style and structure. Women have become more daring and do not fear wearing blouses with innovative neck lines and cuts. With the current trend in keeping fit, eating healthy and working out in gyms, women have become bold enough to flaunt their figures without any hesitation. It is all about blending the ethnicity with fashion. Crop tops, an innovation of the blouse have swept the market completely. Be it combining them with sarees, ghagras or even the more western outlooks like high waist pants and skirts, crop tops are the new must haves for every woman, no matter what age.

At Samyakk’s, designers have used some marvellous fabrics to design saree blouses which keep you comfortable and make you feel mesmerized every time you decide to wear them. An array of blouses with neutral colour combinations, these blouses can be matched with more than one saree and help give a new look to your sarees each time you wear them. Samyakk pampers you with the all new designs of unique & astonishing blouses exclusively designed for trendy women who love to look classy even in simple saree which can be worn with these designer blouses.

These designer blouses are designed exclusively in a way to match any kind of saree you own, be it a heavily embroidered one or a simple delicate Georgette saree. These blouses can be mixed & matched easily with any of your sarees and helps you to enhance the look and feel of a saree.

Based on various choices that trendy women carry these days, we also have various kinds of neck designs in these blouses like v neck, boat neck, high neck, collared ones, mirror work, embroidery, chikankari, zari, kundan & printed etc.

Samyakk’s designers have designed blouses with different kinds of embroideries to match your sarees and your choices. We wish to make it easy for you to select your own style and enjoy the glamour of blending combinations.

Samyakk loves to pamper its customers with options that make you feel confident as well as beautiful. We wish to make women feel the way they deserve to be. We let you choose, match and flaunt in your own personalized way with our exclusive designer touch that makes you grace yourself with glamour and trend.

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