Ritualizing the sacred “Ramadan”!!

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.” – Prophet Mohammed

The spiritual month of “Ramadan” has shown up once again this year and with the exact same devotion, passion, focus, and excitement like it was ended the previous year, is about to happen this year too. It is the time when your sins are forgiven and you start your life afresh with new thoughts and possibilities. This eternity is like you are heading towards a spiritual retreat to connect with the Lord “Allah” and confess your sins and gain blessings to overcome the obstacles but the journey can be harsh and challenging which needs a sturdy will-power to accomplish the ritualistic tasks.
The “Ramadan” observance holds some interesting significances which should be known initially to understand the various traditions involved with it.

Here I will familiarize you to a sacred soul who brought in the essence of kindness to connect the mankind to the Holy Spirit and the reason behind the celebration of “Ramadan”.
• His name was “Prophet Mohammed” and he grew up as a sincere, trustworthy, generous and honest person in the place called Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

• Angel Gabrielle told him to lead people with religious teachings in the name of “Allah” and he was revealed the holy verses for 23 years and it collectively comes to be known as the holy book of “Quran”. The month when he was revealed the first verse came to be known as the commencement of “Ramadan” observance and the actual day was called Laylat al-Qadr or “Night of Power”. Ramadan stands on the 9th month of the Muslim Calendar with the sighting of the new moon with naked eye.

• He started preaching to people and also sent letters to the kings and leaders beyond Arabia to familiarize them to Islam through the verses of “Quran”.

• His strong religious preaching’s paved way for numerous groups of followers across the region.
• Before the death of Mohammed at the age of 63, a great part of the Arabian peninsula was following Islam and became Muslims.
• After his death, Islam had gone beyond Arabia and spread across in the west of Spain and east of China.

• A mosque was built in the name of Prophet Mohammed at Medina, Saudi Arabia and now millions of Muslims regardless of race and nationality across the globe go for pilgrimage here called the “Hajj” dressed in white which symbolizes purity.

• The whole month of Ramadan is spent with a strict fasting that includes not eating or drinking water as soon as the sun rises and lasts till the dusk. It is also taken care to stay away from any bad habit and other pleasures.

• It is important to focus the time and mind in prayers, spirituality, and charity. People who are exempted from fasting are the children, pregnant women and mentally or physically ill. It is believed fasting helps one to have self-control and cleanse your body & soul.

• It is advised that if the Ramadan fast affects one’s health it should be discontinued.

• The five pillars of Islam are: Salat (Prayer), Shahada (Allah and his prophet Mohammed are the only deities), Zakat (Charity) and Hajj (A pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime). These points are to be considered during Ramadan.

• Finally the day with the new moon sighting it is considered to be the end of the month of Ramadan and it is called “Eid-ul-Fitr”. The day is celebrated as a grand festival with family and friends. A huge feasting is done containing numerous varieties of delicious delicacies.
Thus with the end of this blog, I hope this enlightenment about the sacred Ramadan month made you clear about the history and traditions.
The “Samyakk” team wishes everyone around the globe a blessed month.

“Ramadan Mubarak”!!!!

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