Samyakk’s Exclusive Bridal Saree Treasure

Samyakk’s Exclusive Bridal Saree Treasure

Samyakk’s Exclusive Bridal Saree Treasure

Effortless elegance!! Trends can go in and out in a lightning speed but Bridal saree is one constant classic staple that never fails to show its beauty.  Sarees are the vital ingredient of every bridal trousseau especially silk sarees and embroidered sarees. We have got to agree that sarees extravagant artisty and luxurious texture has made us fall in love with them every time we drape them. Recently Samyakk has launched bridal banarasi saree collection designed with myriad of colors and excellent craftsmanship with a personal designer touch.

Every bridal design of Samyakk creation is inspired by the rich culture and modish techniques, creating a whole new dimension with the alluring design and silhouette. The collection is eminent for the lush fabrics, captivating color scheme and the excellent craftsmanship, which is perfect for every bride be it traditional or modern.  They perfectly blend with every Indian scenario illustrating mysterious and regal aura around the wearer. The newly bridal silk saree and bridal embroidery saree designs are the best example for the integration of ethnic lyrics and modish rhythm. This time assortment speaks about exemplified traditional ornamentation detailing followed by the rich texture in myriad of hues.

Samyakk is also specialized in bridal jewellery sector that compliments every bridal design. Let’s browse through the bridal look book I have created with Samyakk’s handpicked designs.

  • Queen of Silk

Gorgeous Banarasi silk sarees are undeniably glamorous. Samyakk’s bridal banarasi silk saree with intricate zari adornment and gorgeous hue makes it an exquisite addition to your wedding repertoire.

Banarasi Silk Sarees - Bridal Saree


Banarasi Silk Saree - Bridal Saree for Wedding

  • Classy Artistry

Samyakk’s bridal kanchipuram silk saree balanced with traditional pattern and touch of modish vogue make a regal transition an effortless one. It is one of the best bridal option to intrigue the classic fashion in all its glory.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree - Bridal Saree for Wedding

Kanchipuram Silk Saree - Bridal Saree for Wedding


  • Eccentric Couture

The whimsy embroidered bridal sarees are all about the suffused adornments, vibrant colors and luxurious texture showcase the cultural significance and modernity.

EMbroidered Saree

Embroidered Saree


  • Euphoric Heritage


The traditional handcrafted jewellery delivers the impeccable elegance. Samyakk’s striking bridal jewellery commingled with traditional bridal saree gives you an enviably nonchalant look.

Buy Mughal Inspired Pink Stone Crafted Collar Necklace Set

Mughal Inspired Polki Stone Embellished Collar Necklace Set


 If you are fascinated by Samyakk’s magnificent bridal saree and heritage Jewellery collection then make it your favorite shopping destination. Samyakk dazzling collections are not only bounded to the store in Bangalore, you can browse through the e-commerce shopping portal and inherit your desired creation which caught your attention from any corner of the globe. So, for further query log in to the ethnic web store: . Happy Shopping Pal!!!!


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