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COTTON SILK SAREES- Your Key To Comfort and Style

Cotton silk sarees are acclaimed among women across the world. In all of the fuss over the crisp cotton sarees, what’s been lost is just how beautiful cotton sarees can be. Pure cotton sarees are the most preferred one by the women of today’s date as it goes as a comfortable work wear and daily wear especially during the summer months. Every state of India has its own native area of expertise in cotton fabric, each different in weaves, textures, motifs, printing techniques and colors. There are some basic things you should adhere to when choosing a cotton silk saree. Firstly it should suit your taste, then it should be occasion appropriate keeping in mind the climate and place you are visiting.

Cotton sarees are widely used among people of all ages who choose to enjoy its amazing comfort and style

If you need a comfortable saree for breathing in the warmness of summer. Then it can be possible with the help of perfectly crafted pure cotton saree. These sarees offers style, beauty and comfort. If you are wondering to buy one, you will find ample of choices in color, designs and patterns here at Samyakk one of the leading ethnic wear brand. Samyakk offers a variety of choices when it comes to cotton sarees. To name a few of them:

  • Doriya Cotton: These sarees also known as kota cotton are made of cotton and silk and have square like patterns on them known as khats. The chequered weaves makes them popular as they are finely weaved and weigh very less.
  • Kora Cotton: The kora cotton saree also known as organza is made from a blend of silk and cotton which gives it a lustrous shine when worn. These sarees mostly comes in bright colors with occasional using of zari weaving. 
  • Jute Cotton: Jute is mostly a natural fiber shiny in nature but little coarse which is blended with cotton to produce some fine jute cotton sarees and other clothing. 
  • Banarasi Cotton: The name given is because these sarees are made using fine quality cotton fabric with intricate twining of floral and foliate motif which turns out to be the most important characteristic of banarasi saree which is mughal inspired. 

In today’s time it’s much easier to buy sarees online to save time. And if you are looking for some great looking cotton sarees online then log on to website where you can find some great variety of pure cotton sarees rich in quality and look, you can also step into their retail outlet.