Handloom Tussar Silk Sarees

Handloom Tussar Silk Sarees  

Handloom tussar silk sarees

Handloom tussar silk sarees, the wild silk and even named as tribal silk and kosa silk which is popular in South Asia and is one of the leading categories in silk saree. Handloom tussar silk sarees are considered as the versatile and the unique drapery which is popular like other silk and is suitable for women of all age group. The hand-woven saree come in varieties of texture and colors from lightweight to heavy and the designer-friendly fabric which can be incorporated the contemporary embroidery, conventional zari weave and meandering printing enhancements hence relevant for all occasions like party, casual wear, festive and weddings.

Handloom tussar silk sarees...To look good and feel comfy…

Handloom tussar silk sarees, the impeccable beauty of the saree has made the young women fall for it and have owned the varieties. The amalgamation of cotton and the tussar outcome is wondrous which has a very soft hand and comfortable to carry. The overall glimpse and looks of the saree exude elegance and astounding grace which unleash the inner diva of the women when draped and makes the center of all the attention. The well-known silk saree is Patola sarees also known as Ikkat has its origin from Patan, Gujarat and Telangana. The saree is uniquely woven using different methods than other silk sarees and require skilled artisans.

Redefined Tussar silk and Patola/Ikkat silk….

  • Samyakk the hub of ethnic wear who always comes up with the wide range of collection of sarees has the exclusive handloom silk sarees like tussar silk sarees and patola sarees.
  • The pure handloom patola sarees displayed is from Samyakk the utterly gorgeous saree showcases the stunning embellishment on the cream colored background, the saree has the geometrical motifs like birds and elephants in the polychromous scheme and is highlighted by contrast zari border and pallu. The specialty of Patola/Ikkat pattern is vibrantly woven all over the saree which is master crafted.
  • The making of the patola sarees involves the process of tie-dyeing the silk yarns, then woven as per the desired pattern.
  • The peculiarity of the patola pattern is the blurriness which is obtained by dying and then woven in such a way that forms the geometric motifs. The art of making the saree is very difficult and requires immense skill. The patola sarees are in demand from ancient times which is now come with the new styling and is brought you by Samyakk.
  • One of the outstanding categories in handloom silk is tussar silk sarees which are identified by its unique texture.
  • If you go through the gallery of handloom tussar silk saree you will find the collection which comes in a range of colors and embellishments like zari woven, woven, printed, thread embroidery and in embroidery category these tussar silk sarees are the in prominence.
  • The saree has its roots in banarasi silk and is called as banarasi tussar silk saree.
  • The texture of the tussar silk saree varies from coarse to soft and when blended with cotton then its smooth.
  • The most comfortable and the beautiful saree which is worn by all age group women and a must-have drape.

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