Kanchi Sarees

The Extravagant Epitome of Drapes - Kanchipuram Saree

The Aurous Twinkling Charms in Kanchi Saree

The Kanchipuram real zari saree with a geographical indication from the district of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is the queen of six yards and is most liked among the brides in South Indian weddings. The exotic Kanchi saree is manufactured by a process of twining silver threads with gold threads by electroplating it with pure gold and woven with pure mulberry silk thus making the saree expensive.

While the silk is from South India, the zari is from Gujarat. The silk thread is sun-dried after dipping in rice water to increase its thickness and stiffness. The pallu, border and the body are generally woven separately and then interlocked together with precision, the process is known as korval. A zigzag pattern known as pine can be spotted where the body meets pallu. These pure zari sarees known for their vibrant eye-catching colors and designs are inspired by temple figurines, scriptures, and mythological stories. An original pure zari saree can cost from about Rs.10,000/ to lakhs. However these days imitation zari sarees are available that are not durable as much as the original, these sarees cost a lot less, somewhere between Rs.2000/ to Rs.5000/.

The tones of Kanchi sarees are the most striking part and make an impact in a splendid allurement. In order to identify the original sarees from cheaper versions one must look closely at the color of the finishes zari work, generally the original will have the border and the body in contrasting color. The other way is to pick a few loose threads from the saree, burn them and smell the ash. The real fibers will have a smell similar to that of burnt leather or hair. Another easier test is to look at the loose ends of the zari, pure zari is made of red silk threads that are twisted with silver thread and dipped in gold no matter what color the saree is. If the zari thread is white or any other color, then it is not original.

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