Layer of Luxury Entwined Together In Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Pamper yourself with the touch of tradition by owning Samyakk's kanchipuram silk sarees.

Layer of Poise, Elegance & Luxury Entwined Together In Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

                            Traditional kanchipuram silk sarees are the precious heirloom to admire and preserve. Kanjivaram sarees designed with the rich culture and sheerness are the perfect example of grandeur and sophistication.  Kanchi yards never fail to impress the textile industry with their dazzling and exuberant folds that amplify resplendence of the design. Kanjivaram Silk Sarees as popularly known have been pleasing lady since time immemorial.

                             The timeless beauty is hand woven by the ace of weavers of Kanchipuram region, India. This kanchipuram town is prominently known as “the temple city” or “the city of thousand temples”. Divine kanchipuram silk sarees are crafted with three single yarns of pure silk and elite zari. They are woven in the time span of a week with the authentic zari from the lands of Gujarat and exclusive mulberry silk from the Karnataka. Pyramidal like structure of kanchi silk permits the texture to refract the light rays, thus illustrating the myriad of hues in diversified lighting. The hues have tendency to be extremely creative as they join at least two of the diverse shading strings in it.

                              The evergreen kanchipuram silk sarees are artistically elaborated by gorgeous zari woven patterns like peacocks, temple border, Ganga Jamuna border, chariots, strips, classic checks and beautiful floral buttas. The specialty of kanchipuram silk saree is alluring wide borders and body designs quite different but are in contrast hue. They can long lasting for decades if you take proper care of them. Once woven for, and hung by, glorious rulers of yore, today, Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are closet fortunes of each recognizing lady.

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