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An absolute masterpiece, precisely hand woven yard varying upto 5-9 metres in length that proudly represent Women of India, determining the Cultural Values and Heritage of our Indian Subcontinents, saree consist of three main parts- a field, borders and an end piece known as pallu/palla is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, partly baring the midriff.


        A 5000 year old and probably one of the only surviving garments in history is a saree, originated back from the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished during 2800-1800 BCE. Being meritorious of the assigned spot, a saree holds the spotlight being around the world and back again through the ages. Tracing down the life of a saree right from its origin, to the very most appreciable moments on its way, it certainly has an endless possession as a timeless wardrobe essential. Heading away from religious references, the saree has always influenced a lot of other ancient cultures too! Not just worn amongst the ladies in India, the traditional silk sarees has literally made an impact in the United States during the 1970’s. Undoubtedly, the saree has gained its popularity internationally because of the growth of Indian fashion trends globally.


           Traditionally woven on handlooms or masterly operated on other elementary devices, the most important and creative process in weaving a saree is its design. The process of developing a saree involves Design Making, Material, Reeling, Dyeing, Weaving, Iterations and Finishing. Power looming and mechanical manufacturing could be the modern new, but the craftsmanship done by the human hand has formed the core of fashion in India. The most complicated and intricate part of the whole process is weaving a saree manually, where weavers employ themselves for almost months together on a handloom to weave the design patterns in warp and weft directions, either by hands or a device. A final process finishes a magnificent saree by cutting down the tiny threads left on the reverse fabric.

Enhance your wardrobe with the allure of beautiful sarees available for purchase online, catering to women's fashion, and offering the best deals.

Sarees hold a timeless charm and are the epitome of grace and elegance. Whether it's a traditional celebration, a wedding, or a festive occasion, draping a beautiful saree instantly enhances a woman's beauty and exudes a sense of tradition and culture. With the advent of e-commerce, shopping for sarees has become easier and more convenient than ever before. Now, women can explore a wide range of stunning sarees online and find their perfect match at the best prices.

Discover the magic of sarees, a timeless and unstitched garment rooted in ancient history, tracing back to the Indus Valley civilization. With a length ranging from 4.5 to 9 meters, sarees offer endless possibilities for draping, reflecting diverse regional and cultural influences. Embrace your individuality with Samyakk's online collection, where you'll find a treasure trove of sarees catering to every taste and style. From classic and understated to vibrant and designer, our wide range ensures there's something for everyone. Experience the convenience of online shopping as you explore the captivating world of sarees at Samyakk, your one-stop destination for all your saree needs.


Elevate Your Festive Style with Samyakk's Trending Saree Collection!

Festivals are the perfect occasion to embrace the beauty of sarees. Unlike everyday wear, these festive celebrations demand exquisite outfits that make a statement. At Samyakk, we offer a diverse range of exclusive sarees to suit every festival and personal style.

  • Festival-Perfect Selection: Choose from our collection of designer sarees, specially curated to enhance your festive charm. Whether it's Diwali, Holi, or any other celebration, we have the perfect saree to match the occasion.
  • Embrace Variety: Depending on the festival, the type of saree you wear can vary. Discover the allure of Banarasi sarees during Diwali, opt for crepe sarees for year-round elegance, and indulge in silk sarees that never go out of style.
  • From Simplicity to Opulence: Our saree collection caters to all preferences. Explore simple cotton sarees for temple visits or opt for rich, zari-embroidered ensembles in gorgeous red for a truly festive look.
  • Craftsmanship and Quality: At Samyakk, we take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our sarees. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, promising a flawless and exquisite finish that lasts.
  • Make Lasting Impressions: With our latest and trending saree collection, you can create unforgettable memories during festivals. Adorn yourself in our stunning sarees and let your festive spirit shine.
  • Online Convenience: Experience the convenience of online shopping with Samyakk. Explore our extensive saree collection, browse detailed descriptions, and make your purchase from the comfort of your home.


Discover a wide selection of designer sarees for every occasion in Samyakk's online collection. Find the perfect ethnic wear that suits any special event.

  • Weddings demand exquisite sarees that capture the essence of celebration. Explore our range of wedding sarees, featuring stunning silk and georgette options adorned with intricate zari embroidery.
  • Adorned in magnificent Kanjivaram sarees or Banarasi sarees with solid zari borders, a bride glides down the aisle, radiating elegance and grace.
  • Looking for a trendy and stylish saree to wear to the office or a formal gathering? Our extensive collection of everyday sarees, including soft silk, tussar silks, and linen saree options, is sure to impress.
  • Embrace the beauty of tradition with a traditional saree that enhances your charm at pujas and wedding ceremonies.
  • For engagement ceremonies, opt for simplicity and elegance with georgette, fancy sarees, chiffon and organza sarees. Explore our range of floral printed sarees, net sarees, and trendy styles at Samyakk.
  • Make a lasting impression at receptions with net sarees embellished with sequins and embroidery. Choose from a variety of prints and bold colors, including gold, green, red, yellow, wine, and pastels.
  • From haldi to mehendi ceremonies, we have sarees to match the mood and color requirements of these special occasions. Browse through plain cotton sarees and other options at Samyakk.
  • No matter the occasion, whether it's a festive celebration, a cocktail party, Navratri, Diwali, Durga Puja, or any other special event, find your perfect saree at Samyakk's wide range of sarees available for purchase online.

Discover an exquisite collection of sarees in a plethora of captivating colors at Samyakk. Sarees and colors go hand in hand, with modern designs featuring prints in a vibrant array of hues, while traditional occasions often adhere to color customs. Each color holds its own significance and charm:

  • Radiate boldness and make a statement with red sarees, which symbolize vibrancy, fertility, and passion. Perfect for weddings and special events.
  • Embody tranquility and serenity with blue sarees, reflecting a soothing persona.
  • Celebrate harvest festivals and embrace nature with lush green sarees, representing greenery and abundance.
  • Illuminate the day with the warmth and light of yellow sarees, ideal for daytime occasions.
  • Opt for non-traditional elegance with orange-colored sarees, adding a vibrant touch to daytime events.
  • Exude exotic charm with black sarees, suitable for any occasion, day or night.
  • Embrace femininity with the timeless elegance of pink sarees, versatile for various events.
  • Experience spiritual significance with white and cream sarees, perfect for multiple occasions.

Shop now at Samyakk and explore our new saree collection, offering a wide range of options that cater to different occasions and match your unique personality. From the choice of fabric to the captivating colors and intricate work, our sarees are designed to be affordable yet fashionable. Don't miss out on our latest arrivals. Start shopping today!

Sarees for Special Occasions: Embrace the Elegance!

Your wardrobe deserves a touch of magic with our exquisite collection of sarees for every special occasion. From the rich allure of silk to the mesmerizing prints of organza and net, we have curated a selection that will leave you in awe. Let's explore the splendid options we include in store for you.

Saree for Daily Wear: For your daily enchantment, we present a range of sarees crafted from comfortable fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and organza. Light floral embroidery, cotton and linen drapes, and breezy chiffon sarees are perfect choices, catering to all age groups, making you look effortlessly beautiful every day.

Sarees for Party & Events: When it's time to dazzle at parties and dance nights, our collection of party sarees will ensure you stand out in glory. The glamorous appeal of satin, the allure of the net, and the metallic charm of our sarees will make you the star of the show.

Sarees for Weddings: Unleash the magnificence of Indian extravaganzas with our award-winning silk, Kanjivaram / Kanjeevaram Saree, and royal Banarasi sarees. These regal ensembles, adorned with heavy embroidery, intricate details, and rich net or ruffles, will exude an aura of influence at any big fat Indian wedding.

Sarees for Bridal Radiance: For your emotional bridal journey, we bring you sarees that ooze feminine elegance, royal power, and fairy-tale dreams. Indulge in the best silk sarees, exquisite Banarasi georgettes, and heavily embroidered traditional sarees in splendid colors, giving you the sheen and splendor every bride desires.

Sarees for Business Meetings: Confidently transform your look for board meetings with our collection of linen Saree, cotton, and organza sarees. Be a fashionista exuding a classic and suave aura in classic black, pristine white, light brown, ivory, and other smart, light hues, perfect for formal office settings, seminars, and meetings.

Sarees for Poojas: Add a burst of festive cheer to your pooja rituals with our dazzling bandhani, floral, and paisley prints in radiant colors like red, orange, pink, and yellow. The bandhani sarees with zari work, and rich red lehengas adorned with embroidery or sequins, are truly phenomenal choices for your spiritual moments.

Sarees for Wanderlust: Unleash your inner hero while traveling with our unconventional sarees. Embrace the quirkiness, smartness, and enthusiasm of our six yards as you explore new places. Opt for unique combinations like blue and white, black and yellow, green and pink, and be the wanderer who breaks the ice with her charm.

Types of Sarees We Offer: At Samyakk, we understand the ever-changing preferences of modern women, and we strive to connect them with their roots while fulfilling their desire to look unique. Our collection of sarees is nothing short of magnificent, offering you a timeless blend of tradition and contemporary elegance.

Indulge in the allure of our sarees and experience a world of elegance and beauty that you won't find elsewhere. Each piece is crafted with love and passion, making you feel like the ethereal diva you truly are. Step into the splendor of our sarees and make every occasion extraordinary.

The Allure of Kanjivaram Sarees:

Embrace the essence of regality and ethnic charm with our stunning collection of Kanjivaram sarees. From the vibrant hues of bright pink, golden, and mint green, to the captivating marsala red, these sarees exude warmth and elegance. Proudly drape yourself in a Kanjivaram saree, and you'll steal the spotlight at any Indian wedding or grand event.

Paithani Sarees: A Splash of Colors and Tradition

Enliven any Indian celebration, wedding, or festive occasion with the vibrant beauty of Paithani sarees. A symbol of Marathi heritage, no wedding is complete without these hand-woven wonders. The rich ornamental zari pallu and border set Paithani sarees apart, making them a truly captivating choice.

Patola Sarees: Uniquely Charming, Gujarat's Pride

Immerse yourself in the pride of Gujarat with our Patola sarees, boasting unconventional designs and motifs. The double ikat weave adds an exquisite charm to these ethnic sarees. Perfect for weddings and traditional events, Patola sarees are a classic addition to your wardrobe.

Chanderi Sarees: Elegance and Royalty Unleashed

Draped in the opulent beauty of Chanderi sarees, you'll radiate elegance and royalty. These graceful ensembles are perfect for auspicious occasions, adorned with gold and silver brocade of zari, fine silk, and intricate embroidery. Embrace the splendor of Chanderi sarees and make a grand statement wherever you go.

Uppada Sarees: Heritage Woven with Love

Experience the grace of handloom Uppada sarees, a tribute to India's rich cultural heritage and women's love for sarees. Admire the exquisite zari work, traditional motifs, and meticulous thread count that grace these magnificent drapes.

Katan Silk Sarees: A Timeless Favorite

Cherished by housewives, working professionals, and Bollywood divas alike, Katan silk sarees hold a special place in every Indian woman's heart. Flaunt your traditional Indian side with these elegant and splendid sarees that exude charm and grace.

Organza Sarees: A Dreamy and Expressive Appeal

Light, shiny, and effortlessly classy, organza sarees are a dream to wear. Adorned with romantic prints and unique hues, they perfectly complement your feminine appeal. Count on organza sarees to captivate hearts at any gathering.

Satin Sarees: Glamorous Shine and Pride

Let every Indian woman shine with glam and pride in our enchanting satin sarees. These sarees are the epitome of elegance and have earned the nod of approval from Bollywood. Choose from our selection of funky pre-draped designs for your parties and special events.

Chiffon Sarees: Effortless Charm for Every Occasion

Flaunt chiffon sarees with equal ease at intimate wedding functions or as your daily wear. These sarees come in a variety of prints, designs, and styles, allowing you to draw inspiration for various occasions. Metallic blue, orange, mint, coral, and fuchsia pink sarees, along with sequin sarees in chiffon, look exceptionally lovely on Indian women.

Georgette Sarees: Style and Grace Redefined

Discover unique style and grace in pretty georgette sarees. Whether you prefer simple, trendy, heavy, or ethnic motifs and embroidery, georgette sarees effortlessly transition from day to night, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Net Sarees: Elegance with a Contemporary Touch

Elevate your wedding wardrobe or party closet with the best-dressed status in our feminine and dainty net sarees. The sheer black, peach, bright yellow, and midnight blue net sarees adorned with tassels, sequins, and embroidery add a contemporary touch to your appearance.

Banarasi Sarees: Traditional Splendor at Its Finest

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of India with the timeless beauty of Banarasi sarees. Whether it's pure handloom Banarasi, silk, or georgette, the intricate motifs, and ornate zari work make these sarees an epitome of ethnic charm.

Printed Sarees: Effortless Style for Every Occasion

Printed sarees have transformed and now effortlessly shine in a variety of prints, designs, colors, and styles. Whether it's for the office, festivals, or weddings, printed sarees make for a versatile and fashionable choice.

Plain Sarees: Versatility Meets Elegance

The plain saree is a versatile gem in every wardrobe. Pair it with a designer blouse or a contrast-colored long or short blouse, and watch as your appearance transforms into one of elegance and style. The simplicity of the plain saree matched with a printed blouse creates a match made in heaven.

Bandhani Saree: Reigning Royalty with Versatile Elegance

Embrace the regal charm of Bandhani sarees, ruling the fashion scene with their timeless appeal. These sarees effortlessly transition from casual to formal, making them perfect for any occasion. At Samyakk, you'll discover a splendid assortment of Bandhani sarees, including heavy ones adorned with zari work, comfortable cotton drapes, and luxurious silk creations, all adding a distinct Indian and gorgeous touch to your ensemble.

Vibrant Colors Unleashed: Sarees for Women at Samyakk

At Samyakk, we believe color dressing is a unique style lesson that allows you to express different tones of your style statement. Whether you exude traditional elegance with pink and red hues or radiate party-diva vibes in metallic peach, silver, and grey shades, the colors you choose play a significant role in achieving your desired look. Our diverse collection includes everything from multi-colored handcrafted handloom sarees to suave solid cotton office sarees and quirky yellow numbers perfect for mehendi celebrations. Let the colors paint your world and allow you to embody your favorite style.

Red Color Sarees: Reinventing Elegance

Witness the perpetual reinvention of the red saree by Bollywood and the fashion world. Adorned with sequins, zari, ruffles, and thread embroidery, the red saree lets you flaunt your power and prowess, be it at an ethnic gathering or a lively party.

Black Color Sarees: Timeless Grace and Suave

Elevate your style with the classic and suave black saree. Choose from georgette, net, banarasi, handloom, or silk fabrics to don the perfect black ensemble. Whether you opt for a sheer net or metallic black saree, you're bound to dazzle at cocktail parties and wedding celebrations.

Blue Color Sarees: Glamour Unleashed

Obsess the eternal charm of blue sarees, which always exude a glamorous and fashionable look. The mesmerizing allure of blue allows you to explore various styles, from quirky and edgy to festive, ethnic, or stylish.

Yellow Color Sarees: Dynamic and Trendsetting

Dial up the vibrancy and trendsetting appeal with yellow sarees, available in banarasi, handloom, cotton, silk, satin, and net fabrics. Indulge in the eternal beauty of heavy wedding and bridal sarees, pre-draped sarees, lehenga sarees, and sarees with belts, perfect for those ethnic looks at mehendi and haldi ceremonies.

Green Color Sarees: Forever Timeless and Regal

Fashion divas, celebrities, and common Indian women alike proudly celebrate the allure of green sarees, which stand the test of time. Green sarees resonate with their ethnic appeal, richness, regal vibes, and captivating aesthetics, making them an eternal favorite.

Grey Color Sarees: Embracing Subtle Glamour

Step into the world of humble grey hues for your next event and party. Embrace the charm of mesh, designer, or net sarees, or make a statement with a metallic light grey number at cocktail parties. For weddings, indulge in heavily embellished grey sarees. Grey sarees, especially readymade ones with pre-pleats or belted designs, radiate edgy and modish vibes.

Pink Color Sarees: A Burst of Alluring Energy

Embrace the burst of vibrant energy that pink sarees embody. Feel alluring in pink floral sarees, pink designer pre-pleated sarees, pink banarasi sarees, and pink metallic creations. At Samyakk, an array of pink sarees awaits you, perfect for attending various occasions and events with a captivating aura.


Frequently Asked Questions On Sarees

  1. Can I purchase sarees online?

Absolutely! Buying sarees online is a convenient and hassle-free option. At Samyakk, we offer a diverse collection of sarees online, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Rest assured, you don't need to worry about getting the perfect fit when shopping online.

  1. What sarees are currently in fashion?

The fashion trends in sarees vary based on the occasion. Silk sarees continue to be popular choices for weddings. For everyday wear, cotton, crepe, and net sarees are comfortable and lightweight options. Net and organza sarees with tasteful embroidery can also be worn for weddings, receptions, engagements, or other marriage functions.

  1. Why should women buy sarees?

When it comes to ethnic Indian wear, the saree is unmatched for Indian women. It gracefully drapes around our bodies, flattering every body type. From young girls to mature women, the saree is a wardrobe staple. Its versatility is evident as the pallu can be used for various purposes, from wiping sweat to holding hot vessels or acting as a makeshift pocket for keys. Sarees bring elegance and style to a woman's presence, whether at home or in the office. Additionally, sarees eliminate the concern of ill-fitting garments, as they are uncut and unstitched pieces of cloth.

  1. How to drape sarees properly?

There are misconceptions regarding the time-consuming process of draping a saree. In reality, with practice, you can learn to drape a saree in under 10 minutes. Traditionally, the saree is wrapped around the waist, creating layers and folds, and tucked into an underskirt or petticoat for security. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need numerous safety pins to keep your saree in place. Properly tucking it into the underskirt provides ample support. The pallu, or loose end, is then draped over the left shoulder, although different cultures may drape it differently, sometimes over the right shoulder or both. The diversity of our country is reflected in the various ways of wearing the traditional saree. Whatever your preferred style or occasion, you'll find suitable sarees at Samyakk women's clothing collection.


           What makes us unique from the rest of all in the market, globally is that you can explore the wide range of art collections of Indian sarees such as Saree,  Sari, Saris, Pure Kanchipuram Silk saree, Handloom Pure Silk, Pattu Sarees, Silk Sarees, Patola Silk Sarees, Ikkat Weave, Gadwal Silk Saree, GadwalPattu SareesVenkatagiri silks, Paithani SareesPure Uppada silk sareesBanarasi Silk, Banarasi Tussar Silk SareeBanarasi Organza Sarees, Pure Banarasi Georgette SareesBandhani SareesHandloom Printed Sarees, enchanting mind-blowing prints that illustrate mythological, wedding, scenery, water bodies, flora-fauna, human figures, kalamkari, Madhubani, warli, and more alongside including designer blouse, Cotton saree, Party Wear Saree, Organza Saree, Bollywood Saree and Fancy weaving sarees.

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Brand Samyakk marvelously has made its name well known in its course of time all over globe that one can easily shop your favorite saree for all your festivities and intimate celebrations from across the world, and get free worldwide shipping for the countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and so on. Our Samyakk team endeavors to bring you the best occasional designer lehenga collection that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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