Classical Love affair & its Diversification of Sarees across the Indian States

Classical Love affair & its Diversification of Sarees across the Indian States

Classical Love affair & its Diversification of Sarees across the Indian States

Hello all you beauties, Hope you are doing well. Today I will be talking about the varieties of six yards drape Indian sarees in the heritage of the country.

India is known for its unity & diversity; the people across the different states vary in many aspects including costume. Our country has rich festive celebrations that call rich coveted outfits, Sarees topping the charts in women’s fashion.

While saree shopping requires a lot of effort because of the various Indian saree types. Now it’s become easier due to e-commerce. The online shopping has become trustworthy in terms of quality and genuinity even for the Indian ethnic wear. There are sites that offer products from ethnic casuals to bridal wear with best offers.

These six yards are artistically handcrafted differently in a unique way in every part of the country. Even the saree draped is styled differently across different states. Each state has its traditional element with fine craftsmanship of saree in different fabric, patterns, and techniques.

These are a few types of regional sarees across India:

Kanchipuram from Tamil Nadu

This silk sarees gets its name from a town called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. They are known for the perfect blend of mulberry silk with pure gold zari designed with temple inspired scriptures all across the six yards.

Scarlette Red Gold Zari Woven Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Saree –


Banarasi from Varanasi

Among the finest silk sarees, the gold and silver brocade embellished fabric feature Mughal inspired floral designs all across the drape as They make a perfect opulent element in a bridal trousseau. - Ruby Pink Banarasi Silk Zari Woven Saree

Designer Ruby Pink Banarasi Sari at Samyakk online


Patola from Gujarat

The drape is known for royalty and is finely woven with double ikkat resist dye fiber. The warp and weft yarn if first dyed based on the design and then woven together. The saree is also popularly known as unfading weaves.

Gold Zari Woven Ikkat Silk Saree -

Gold Zari Woven Ikkat Silk Saree – Patola Saree from Gujrat


Uppada Pattu from Andhra Pradesh

The saree is woven using the age-old Jamdani weave. With the thread count of length and breadth 100, Jamdani technique has two weavers working on a single loom with delicate embroidery.

Pink Orange Dual Tone Uppada Silk Zari Woven Saree -

Pink Orahnge Uppada Pattu Saree from Andhra Pradesh


Chikankari from Lucknow

Believed to be initiated by the Mughal Empress Nur Jahan, wife of Jahangir, started out as white on white silk thread embroidery on muslin textile, now available in a variety of colors.

White Georgette Net Thread Embroidered Saree - Samyakk

Net Thread Georgette Silk Sarees online


Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Sarees has woven with pure silk, cotton, and zari they are known for luster and quality.

Shaded Grey Designer Chanderi Silk Saree

Shop Designer Chanderi Silk Saree at Samyakk


Gadwal from Telangana

They are known for their lightweight with zari enhanced borders across the border. This saree features a cotton body woven separately and interlocked with borders and pallu made of pure silk.

Aureolin Yellow Gold Zari Woven Gadwal Silk Saree

Aureolin Yellow Gold Zari Woven Gadwal Silk Saree –

While there are many more varieties and fabrics like chiffon, georgette, satin, etc.  The few mentioned are the sarees that will want you to add in your wardrobe.

Samyakk, a designer boutique located in Richmond Road, Bangalore has a collection of this Indian saree with a lot of different embellishments and fanciful colors based on current trends. The place has an ethnic attire for every traditional and casual event. Their eclectic collection is featured on the website as it has one of the best collection for online shopping with trustworthy experiences for quality and shipment and Also, they provide worldwide shipment.


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