Wanna know what suits you?

Wanna know what suits you?

Wanna know what suits you?

What is a sherwani?

Sherwani is a long kurta worn by men which has heavy work done on it, works like sequence, thread work, kundan work, zari work & stone work which makes the sherwanis look grand. Sherwani can be paired with a trendy dhoti or a straight cut pant which makes it look ethnic and suits royal & classy men!

Materials used

Theses sherwanis are made out of pure & rich fabrics in Samyakk™ which are not blended because for us purity is our first priority. Materials usually used are velvet, brocade, silk, raw silk, khimkwab & linen which are all pure!


We use colours which make the men look even more dashing & handsome keeping is classy & light. We focus on colours like gold, cream, black, grey, maroon, red, blue & all pastels colours which are usually liked and accepted by all men.

Ethnic wear suitable on..?

These sherwanis are grand & royal which are usually worn on festivals & weddings & grand occasions which makes the men become the attention grabber of the evening, all the handsome hunks out there have all the freedom to choose anything & everything which suits you personality which makes you look even more classy.

Why grand Sherwanis?

Lovely Usually men like to be very simple even in wedding or a festival because they think that’s classy but wait that’s not it… it doesn’t mean you don’t have options and have to stick on to dull things, Samyakk online has all kinds of sherwanis in which we have more work and on the other hand we have simple works done on the sherwanis which is designed exclusively for different tastes of men. On a wedding we show our happiness and excitement through our clothes we wear, the simple Kurtas won’t go good on a wedding which can makes you look dull, so try out our new designs and sherwanis which can make you look happening & make you look stand out in a crowd.

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