Explore the Latest Saree (साड़ी) Collection Online

The age-old saree, a cultural treasure, is experiencing a vibrant revival driven by the younger generation, particularly Generation Z. Saree designers and fashion stylists are boldly challenging stereotypes, infusing this traditional attire with a dynamic blend of classic and contemporary elements. Globally, women are turning to online platforms to explore and purchase sarees, recognizing not only their feminine allure but also their deep cultural significance.

Black Sequins Embroidered Party Wear Net Saree-SR27347

In an era where choices are driven by both necessity and fashion preferences, Indian women are increasingly opting to buy sarees online, with a notable surge in purchases for weddings and festive occasions. This trend reflects a modern interpretation of the saree, showcasing its timeless charm in the evolving landscape of fashion.

Saree For Women In India

Dapple Grey Bead Embroidered Satin Saree-ND2341

Sarees for women in India have transcended traditional and feminine norms, evolving into innovative styles that break free from conventional prints, designs, and patterns. The contemporary woman seeks specialized, stylish, and comfortable versions, exploring options like pre-stitched sarees, designer sarees, gown-style sarees, jacket sarees, cape blouse ensembles, and bold patterns paired with off-shoulder or ruffled blouses.

The traditional challenge of draping a saree with precision and ensuring it stays in place has deterred some women from embracing this iconic garment. However, designers have ingeniously addressed this concern by introducing pre-stitched sarees, offering a hassle-free alternative. Fashion enthusiasts now proudly incorporate ethnic and designer sarees into their wardrobes, liberating these elegant ensembles from the confines of formal and grand occasions like weddings.

Castleton Green Zari Woven Floral Motif Satin Silk Saree-SR27344

This contemporary shift has seen sarees making appearances at non-traditional events such as cocktail parties, dance gatherings, and receptions. The saree, once reserved for specific occasions, has become a versatile and fashionable choice for women looking to make a statement beyond the boundaries of conventional fashion

Sarees For Different Occasions

There are fabulous sarees that you just can’t miss on. Silk, printed, bandhani, organza, net and satin sarees in various prints can enlighten your wardrobe for different occasions. We have rounded off a few.

Deep Red Bandhani Printed Silk Saree-SR27169

Saree For Daily Wear

Elevating a woman’s beauty for everyday elegance is effortlessly achieved with a stunning piece crafted from smooth and comfortable fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and organza. Whether it’s a light floral-embroidered saree, a chic cotton and linen ensemble, or an easy-breezy chiffon saree, these choices cater to all age groups and are ideal for daily wear.

Saree For Party & Events

Gold Zari woven Kanchipuram Tissue Saree-SR26938

Looking out for fancy sarees to stand out in glory at your parties and dance nights? SAMYAKK can offer you a quick take of ravishing party sarees for your bashes. Satin, net, and metallic numbers can really glam it up.

If you’re in search of exquisite sarees to make a statement at your parties and dance nights, SAMYAKK has just what you need. Explore a captivating collection of party wear sarees that includes glamorous options in satin, net, and metallic fabrics. Elevate your style and shine in the spotlight with these ravishing choices.

Light Beige Floral Printed Tussar Silk Saree-NI2561

Saree For Weddings
Silk, Kanjivaram, and regal Banarasi sarees are akin to award-winning ensembles at Indian extravaganzas. The opulence of heavy silk sarees, intricately embroidered sarees, luxurious net variations, and stylish ruffle sarees symbolizes a significant presence, particularly at grand Indian weddings.

Silver & Gold Zari Woven Kanchipuram Tissue Saree-SR25451

Saree For Exclusive Bridal Wear
For your emotional bridal journey, opt for sarees that exude feminine elegance, royal power, and fairy-tale dreams. The finest silk saree, a stunning Banarasi georgette saree, handloom saree, and intricately embroidered saree in traditional colors are your perfect companions, offering the sheen and splendor essential for a bride’s radiant presence.

Dark Navy Blue Woven Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree-CJ00959

Saree For Business Meeting

The saree possesses a versatile aura and confidence, effortlessly adapting to any look. Picture this – appearing as a true fashionista while maintaining a touch of classic elegance at your board meetings, all thanks to linen, cotton, and organza sarees. Opting for classic black, pristine white, light brown, ivory, and other smart, light hues can impart a wonderful formal feel, perfect for your office, seminars, and meetings.

Saree For Pooja

The vibrant hues of red, orange, pink, and yellow in playful prints such as bandhani, floral, and paisleys can bring joy to your festive and pooja occasions like no other. A bandhani saree adorned with zari work, or a rich red leheriya saree embellished with embroidery or sequins, stands out as a phenomenal choice for a pooja ceremony.

Saree For Travelling
Certainly, sarees empower you to express yourself uniquely. In fact, you can be the unconventional hero of your own story by choosing to wear a saree while traveling. A wanderer can embody the spirit draped in six yards that provide a touch of quirkiness, sophistication, and an enthusiastic charm. Opt for a blend of blue and white, black saree and yellow saree, green saree and pink saree, and break the ice. Explore various saree styles available at Samyakk.

Designer Saree-

Off-White Sequins Embroidered Net Party Wear Saree-SR27339

Breaking free from the notion that sarees are exclusively for festivals and weddings, designer sarees combining ethnic and western elements have made a bold statement. Explore a variety of sarees in pastel, bright, and hologram shades. The trending styles at Samyakk include belted sarees, gown sarees, and sharara sarees.

Silk Saree-

Magenta Pink Zari Woven Gadwal Silk Saree-HF3581

It’s wonderful to see women embracing their traditions and culture with enthusiasm. The timeless charm of silk sarees remains a perpetual fascination for modern women, with the demand and admiration for these sarees never diminishing. At Samyakk Fashion, you have the opportunity to discover an extensive range of exquisite silk sarees, encompassing wedding silk sarees, handloom sarees, uppada silk sarees, kanjivaram silk sarees, and paithani silk sarees.

Ready-to-wear Saree-
A genuinely timeless garment, with a modern twist in draping style, providing women with a liberating way to express both their culture and the need for comfort. Ready-pleated sarees, available in sequins, floral prints, velvet, crushed fabric, satin, and lycra, exude boldness, style, and glamour—perfect for cocktail bashes, pre-wedding ceremonies, and dinner dates. Ground-breaking designs in this category include dhoti and gown styles in ready-to-wear saree.

Sequin Saree-

Sarees are available in diverse styles and designs, but there’s something uniquely special about sequins, wouldn’t you agree? The allure of black saree, gold saree, silver saree, grey saree, maroon saree, and red sarees adorned with thousands of twinkling sequins is both glamorous and glistening, making them perfect for opulent Indian weddings and extravagant ceremonies.

Plain Saree-

For those less inclined towards experimentation or who cherish their idea of modesty, opting for a plain saree collection is a popular choice. However, some women take the plain saree concept to the next level by incorporating printed patterns and experimenting with full-sleeve or sleeveless blouse designs. Pairing a plain saree with a designer blouse, peplum blouse, or other crop top blouses featuring statement sleeves is akin to exploring new identities for this humble garment.

Embroidered Saree-

Viewing a saree as a canvas, embroidery emerges as the most exquisite art that can be showcased on it. With a plethora of embroidery designs, including intricate threadwork, shimmering zari work, opulent golden weaves, delicate gota patti borders, embellishments like cut-dana and sequins, and traditional techniques such as patchwork, chikankari, and moti work, sarees are transformed into stunning pieces of wearable art.

Printed Saree-

Adding to the array of traditional saree champions are the printed versions, bringing an enchanting appeal to the six-yard wonders. Modern designer printed sarees seamlessly blend classic grace with contemporary style, featuring captivating patterns like florals, paisleys, animal motifs, geometric designs, stripes, leheriya, and polka. At Samyakk, printed sarees are thoughtfully curated, ensuring each piece captivates with its visual allure, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Floral Saree-

The grace and vibrancy of floral sarees are truly unmatched. Sarees adorned with delicate blooms or vibrant floral patterns exude an inviting and appealing charm. Floral sarees prove perfect for a range of Indian occasions, as they possess the ability to elevate your overall look, radiating femininity and a divine allure.

Classic Saree-

Timeless sarees like vintage Banarasi, silk, georgette Banarasi, handloom, cotton, chanderi, gharchola, and Kanjivaram silk sarees hold a special place among the most cherished possessions of Indian women. Whether it’s the luxurious allure of silk, the lightweight elegance of crepe and georgette, or the comfort of cotton and linen, these classic sarees showcase the craftsmanship and deep-rooted traditions of India. Explore Traditional Sarees from Various Regions of India.

Kanjivaram Saree-

Kanjivaram silk saree are renowned for their intricate weaving technique that makes them exceptional and impeccable in terms of craftsmanship. At Samyakk, you can explore a stunning collection of kanjeevaram saree that boasts of some opulent designs, vibrant colours, and luxurious fabrics. Each saree is a masterpiece that showcases the rich heritage and artistry of kanjivaram weaving.

Banarasi Saree-

Banarasi silk sarees are celebrated for their intricate weaving technique, rendering them exceptional and impeccable in terms of craftsmanship. At Samyakk, you have the opportunity to explore a breathtaking collection of Kanjeevaram sarees, featuring opulent designs, vibrant colors, and luxurious fabrics. Each saree is a masterpiece, showcasing the rich heritage and artistry of Kanjivaram weaving.

Organza Saree-

The dreamy feel and soft feminine appeal make organza a trending and sought-after option for modern women. Discover the enchanting collection of organza sarees at samyakk.com, perfectly suited for formal occasions, evening gatherings, and glamorous Indian events.

Chanderi Saree-

Chanderi sarees hold a prominent place in numerous Indian occasions, particularly weddings. The exquisite embroidery on the fabric, distinctive prints, and marvelous designs adorned with gold and silver borders elevate the ethnic fashion statement of Chanderi sarees. The combination of lightweight fabric and intricate embellishments makes Chanderi sarees inherently appealing, contributing to a distinct ethnic fashion statement.

Paithani Saree-

Representing a rich legacy and timeless elegance, Paithani sarees, Maharashtra’s finest weave, are celebrated for their stunning color palette and effervescent appeal. The distinctive feature of the Paithani saree lies in its intricate and beautiful pallu, setting it apart from others. Adorned with various motifs such as peacocks, lotuses, elephants, and parrots, Paithani sarees reflect exceptional artistry and craftsmanship in their creation.

Tissue Saree-

Tissue sarees have become a popular choice for their elegance, subtlety, and femininity. Their delicate texture, sheer appearance, and lightweight fabric allow them to drape beautifully, making them a classy option for weddings and festivals. The inherent grace of a tissue saree adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Patola Saree-

Patola sarees, renowned for their double ikat weaving technique, are the perfect ethnic choice for a classy and traditional look. With their vibrant colors and intricate patterns, these luxurious sarees are a must-have for parties, family functions, and grand weddings. The unique feature of being reversible and identical on both sides adds to the charm and versatility of Patola sarees.

Chiffon Saree-
Chiffon sarees prove to be an excellent option, having garnered acclaim from Bollywood divas as well. Combine chiffon sarees with designer blouses such as ruffle blouses, strappy blouses, and balloon-sleeved blouses to evoke a retro and trendy vibe. Discover the incredible color palette of chiffon sarees offered at SamyakkFashion and make a stylish statement on any occasion.

Georgette Saree-

Georgette sarees stand the test of time and prove to be versatile, making them a contemporary choice for parties, weddings, and festivals. Adorned in vibrant colors such as red, pink, green, and blue, the georgette saree has long been an iconic attire for Indian women, exuding elegance and grace. Whether you are attending a special occasion or a social gathering, a georgette saree is sure to leave a captivating impression.

Satin Saree-

Satin exudes a modern vibe when fashioned into a saree. Whether in grey, blue, silver, beige, or black, a satin saree can effortlessly steal the show at receptions, formal parties, and dance nights. The smooth and lustrous texture of satin sarees offers a glamorous update to your traditional saree look, enabling you to make a stylish statement wherever you go.

Bandhani Saree-

Bandhani sarees are not just a ritual necessity of Rajasthan and Gujarat but also a cultural significance and fashion statement for the regions. The ancient art of bandhani with its tie-dye patterns on cotton, linen or silk fabric transforms into masterpieces that are cherished by millions. With their vibrant colours and unique designs, bandhani sarees embody the rich heritage and artistic craftsmanship of India.

Trendy Women Colour Sarees

Red Saree-

Red sarees, crafted in comfortable cotton, draped in luxurious silk, or designed with contemporary patterns, exude an unparalleled vibrancy and glamour. Perfect for weddings, festivals, cocktails, and social gatherings red sarees make a bold and charismatic fashion statement.

Black Saree-

Black sarees are the epitome of style, boldness, sophistication, and class. In fact, black sarees are versatile and can be styled in many ways. Whether you opt for a traditional black saree with intricate embroidery, a contemporary pre-draped sarees or a trendy belted saree, or cape style black saree, you are sure to turn heads at cocktail parties and other social events.

Yellow Saree-

Yellow saree collection at Samyakk can help you slay both, the ‘desi’ girl looks or the modern chic look. A yellow saree can shell out major fashion goals for sangeet, mehendi, haldi and weddings. Yellow silk saree, designer yellow ruffle saree and yellow sarees in net can create a stunning fashion statement.

Green Saree-

The beauty and allure of a green ethnic saree is unparalleled. Whether you are heading out for a friend’s wedding or celebrating a festival; a green saree can truly be your versatile masterpiece. Green sarees come in various shades from subtle pastels to vibrant emerald greens. With the right styling and accessories, a green saree can make a bold and sophisticated statement. So, if you have been thinking that green sarees are basic, just think again!

Grey Saree-

Grey sarees in satin, metallic and lycra are currently having a moment in the fashion world. Whether you opt for a shimmer grey saree or a sleek satin grey saree, you can effortlessly exude a glamorous look. Take inspiration from Bollywood divas who have flawlessly rocked a grey designer saree and let your style shine with this trend and chic choice.

Pink Saree-

Pink can be pleasant, classy, feminine, and sartorial to leave anyone impressed. Whether you prefer a soft pastel pink or vibrant hot pink, this colour can make a style statement. Pair your pink saree with a stylish or printed blouse to add a contemporary twist. You can opt for different fabrics like cotton silk or paithani silk for grand Indian weddings.

Shop For The Best Saree Collection Online At SAMYAKK India

Nothing can match the elegance and appeal of a saree. The mesmerizing collection of ethnic and latest sarees at Samyakk Clothing is certainly bookmark-worthy. You can explore and shop for the best bridal sarees, wedding sarees and festive sarees online and level up your saree fashion game. Discover the best saree collection online at samyakk.com which has garnered Bollywood’s approval. Yes, time and again B-town divas have experimented with drapes like classic sheer, organza, silk, cotton, linen, georgette, and chiffon. Go for Samyakk unique saree wardrobe and earn the best-dressed status with your saree choices.

Guidelines For Online Saree Shopping

Shopping for sarees online is an exciting endeavour, offering a wide range of options to suit personal tastes, preferences, and occasions. Whether you prefer modern and fancy saree, Indo-western styles, or printed, and plain designs, there is something for everyone. If you think the selection of a saree or to buy sarees online a daunting task; here is a brief guide to your most-beloved shopping spree.

Fabric- When it comes to the fabric choice for a saree, smooth and soft textured options like cotton, silk and chiffon are highly preferred saree fabrics for their comfort and classy appeal. To make your online shopping experience easier, you can utilise the fabric filter option available on the website. This allows you to narrow down the search and view sarees from the particular fabric that you desire., ensuring that you find and purchase sarees that meet your preference and requirement.

Price- Sarees online are available at different prices based on quality and weave. However, price is one of the most important factors in deciding. A price filter of the fashion website allows you to select a specific price range, ensuring that displayed sarees fall within your desired, by using this filter, you can easily browse through sarees that are priced within your preferred range making it convenient to find options that suit your style and budget. You can also use the filter to display the saree in low to high price range or High to low price range while buying sarees online.

Similarly, there are other product attribute filters like size, colour, work, style etc which can help you go more specific for your online saree shopping.

Size Filter: Choose the desired blouse size while shopping online, to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable wear.

Colour Filter: Narrow down the options of sarees based on your preferred colour palette and find the perfect shade that you have been looking for.

Work Filter: Shortlist sarees with specific embroidery and embellishments that you desire.

Style Filter: Find sarees that match your preferred style, whether it is traditional, contemporary or fusion to reflect your fashion statement.

How To Drape A Saree Perfectly In 4 Simple Steps

The saree is the most beautiful and versatile clothing for Indian women. However, for a perfect draping and to finish off a saree look, there are essential accessories like a brooch, safety pin, belt, petticoat, footwear, and a mirror that helps you look stylish and keep the saree in place. There are also choices of footwear, jewellery and clutches that are up to your choice and need. Belts can also be used to add some definition and dimension to your look. Once you collect these essentials; you can complete your saree draping with these easy steps.

Step 1- The first step is to be ready with the materials like blouse, petticoat, pins, and clips required to drape the saree. Include footwear as it offers easy fall of the saree and adds to the beauty. Put on your petticoat along with the blouse and then wear your heels.

Step 2- Tuck in the fabric of the saree around the waist and with the extra fabric hanging from the tucked area near the navel, start making the pleats. Keep winding the fabric from your thumb to the index finger and end up with around 6-7 pleats. Hold the entire set of pleats up towards your chin and adjust them with your fingers until they are even and straight. You can secure the pleats using a safety pin.

Step 3- Take the extra fabric and make another complete round from right to left. And now get hold of the pretty or decorative end of the pallu and start pleating the top edges of the pallu. Raise the pleated pallu to the shoulder, bring it under your right arm and place it over your left shoulder.

Step 4- Secure the pallu with a safety pin from the inside of the blouse for a neat look. You can now use a belt, style your hair, and give finishing touches with proper makeup and other accessories.

Saree frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What are some popular fabrics used in sarees?

A: Sarees come in a variety of fabrics, including silk, chiffon, organza, cotton, georgette, satin, and more. Each fabric offers a unique texture and appearance.

Q: How can I style a plain saree to make it more appealing?

A: To enhance the appeal of a plain saree, pair it with a designer blouse, experiment with various blouse styles like peplum or crop tops, and add statement accessories for a chic look.

Q: Can I wear a saree for non-traditional events?

A: Absolutely! Sarees are now embraced for various occasions, including cocktail parties, dance events, receptions, and even formal meetings, showcasing their versatility in modern fashion.

Q: What makes Kanjivaram silk sarees special?

A: Kanjivaram silk sarees are renowned for their intricate weaving technique, opulent designs, vibrant colors, and are often adorned with motifs like peacock, lotus, elephant, and parrot.

Q: How do I choose the right saree for a particular occasion?

A: Consider the nature of the occasion and your personal style. For weddings, opt for luxurious silk sarees, while lighter fabrics like chiffon or georgette are suitable for parties and evening gatherings.

Q: Are printed sarees in fashion?

A: Yes, printed sarees are a contemporary trend, with modern designer versions showcasing captivating patterns such as florals, paisleys, animal motifs, and more.


In the realm of fashion, the saree stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and versatility. From traditional classics like Banarasi and Kanjivaram silk to modern trends like satin and organza, sarees continue to evolve, offering a plethora of options for every occasion. The intricate craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and diverse styles make sarees a cherished attire for women across the globe. Whether you opt for the rich heritage of Paithani or the chic appeal of a georgette saree, each piece tells a unique story, celebrating the deep-rooted traditions and ever-changing fashion landscape. So, drape yourself in the allure of a saree, embodying a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style.


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