“When there was advent of spring on earth,
And life was about to make a pleasant growth. 
Abruptly, the breeze was blowing with a distinct fear,
As if the fury of havoc is soon to appear.
There was a still silence of approaching adversity,
And the shadow of conflict wrapped the territory.
With the onward rolling era of fatal warfare,
As the lush field spoke the bloody affair.
The respiring tale of enduring bravery lived in,
While the sacrificing lives left behind their spunk stain.
The regimen to remember that eternity, we take the oath,
When there will be again, the advent of spring on earth.”


Why is Memorial Day celebrated?

The event of “Memorial Day” is approaching on 29th May i.e. on the last Monday of this month. It is a big day for the American nation as they sermonize it with rituals made towards the men and women who fought the battle and lost their lives. It is the day to remember and give tributes to those brave soldiers who went beyond their fear and faced the extreme tribulations of the battlefield.
How Memorial Day came into existence?
• The observance of the day began after the cease of the civil war during the spring of 1866 and it took abundant lives in the U.S history as it facilitated the formation of the very first national cemetery in the country called the “Arlington National Cemetery” and was the place where the very first observance of “Memorial Day took place.
• The eastern U.S claims nearly 25 cities across it to be the place of origin observing the Memorial Day in the same year.
• In the year 1868 General John A. Logan established “Decoration Day” when a group of women from Columbus, Mississippi started with decoration of the graves with fresh flowers. The “Red Poppy” flower came to light from the beautiful poem wrote by a Canadian soldier during the war named “In Flanders Field” inspired an American professor “Moina Michael” to symbolize the flower as a remembrance towards the dead soldiers.
• In the year 1971, “Memorial day” was declared as the “National Holiday” by the congress and it was placed on the last Monday in May. The congress also passed “The National Moment of Remembrance Act” for all U.S citizens to involve in a moment of silence at 3 pm local time.


The mighty soldiers fought the battle with the true patriotism in their hearts and rigid will power streaming through their blood as they made the country abundant with dignity. The chosen ones who managed to survive with a tuff heart through the trial could relate the devastation tale and the unfortunates laid back a legend of memories & heroism for their families and loved ones. The nation salutes these brave hearts for their victorious contribution towards the country. The epic of the era will always be remembered every year in the form of “Memorial Day” by the families for their departed brave souls.
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