Top 10 reasons for a frozen friendship!

 Friendship is a kind of relationship that gives us the choice to pick our own friends. This relation enters every individual’s life and leaves with a personal choice towards being in touch with that person or not. It doesn’t matter whether the group is small, huge or just one, at the end of the day it only gives us with a special bond of companionship who will be there for you no matter what. When you have that firm cord of friendship held to your hand, you can conquer any challenges of life. You actually earn the part of your life, when you are blessed with a friend.


Unfortunately, some friendships go through a tuff route and eventually face the sad endings. Here are the below top 10 reasons why friendship gets hindered suddenly and what you can do to solve it.

  • Misunderstandings are the most crucial stuff that happens which acts as oil to accelerate the fire in a relationship. A small matter is stretched into a large scale that ultimately results into a total blackout between individuals. When you are feeling something is going negative between you and your friend, make sure you take an instant step of communicating with your friend and try to clear the doubts. Strive to make an ultimate solution for it rather than dragging it further and hurting your emotions.


  • It happens many a time when you lose contact with your friends because they moved out to some far away destination and you hardly stay in touch or not at all. They seem to be suddenly lost in the thin air and you can’t do anything about it. This kind of friendship breaks usually happens during the childhood and you are deeply hurt because those are the times when friendship seemed to be very pure and strong. Well, still you could find ways to get in touch again through the common network or searching on social media sites and if you are lucky enough you truly nailed your friendship dedication.


  • Time shows drastic changes and so it affects relationships. Your friends may get deeply involved in their own world may be because of career, work or marriage. This kind of life developments take them far away and results in a huge gap between the relation of friendship. To keep the relation on track, try to be in communication regularly with your friends, if not every day then once in a while text or short call can do wonders.

  • The common human nature of jealousy can critically tear off a relationship. This very factor is commonly noticed in the relation of friendship and even the oldest friends go apart just because of this reason. Try to control the attitude and train yourself to get into a challenge against the person inside you and not with others. If at all you have done something bad because of jealousy, apologizing sincerely to your friend will only make your friendship work in the right direction.


  • Friendships are also stoned because of a third person poking their nose into your relation. He/she creates all the drama sequence and back bitching to divert your mind and finally they succeed to break your friendship. Always keep some trust in your friendship and don’t blindly follow what others think and talk about. If you have anything to clarify about then that’s your only friend through whom you will be cleared with all your questions.


  • When the furious families get between two best friends it results into a crack between the good friendships too. Parents should never let their opinion or anger get on to their children. It is not obvious if the two families have differences among them; their kids should also face the same. May be the tender and innocent friendship of today may grow into a strong and tuff bond when they become adults.


  • Another popular human behavior called ego ruins every bit of the relationship. When ego takes the place it won’t allow your brain to think and your heart to feel the emotions. Ego is something which is very adamant and won’t allow you to do anything right. The juggling thoughts such as “why I should talk first, he/she can also do the same”!!! This kind of attitude surely takes the friendship towards the wreck. Try to take the first initiative and save your friendship. This will also pump your friend to do the same.


  • Some friendships become suffocating because it turns to be more inclined towards being manipulative and controlling. The relationship of friendship is lively, free-spirit and most importantly, there are no conditions applied. You have not signed any contract or agreement. Give your friend their own space and don’t try to insert your opinion on him/her deliberately.


  • It happens at some point in time when you straight away say some harsh statement to your friend that breaks them inside out or got into some physical hurt, the friendship turns out to be very ugly. Well, more than physical hurt, verbal abuse hurts the most. If you feel such kind of situation is coming through, try to calm your mind and control your anger. If you don’t want to face the person, that’s ok, take your time and when the time is right you can talk out. If at all it happened, a good apology is has never turned anything bad.
  • At last, the most important thing that tears apart a relationship is the money. The financial aspect can turn the game of the story drastically. The various reasons such as friends involved in business activity, the money borrowing factor and never returned are some of the common reasons where comes friendships take a halt. Keep your professional and personal life in separate parameters. If at all you have got into a partnership business, try to understand like an adult it is not a play area and you have to handle the field of reality with much maturity and mutual understanding.

Friendship is a beautiful bond that gives you the unusual gift of “memories” to be cherished forever. On this friendship day, try to bring a smile on your buddy’s face and protect this precious relation till you have grays and smile with gums.

The team of  “Samyakk” wishes everyone around the globe a very

“Happy Friendship Day”!!!

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