A bond that’s never fades! Happy Raksha Bandhan!

RAKSHA BANDHAN-bounded by the soul

When you made your first attempt of life in the world, apart from your parents the siblings become your initial friendly figures. They are the ones who know you in and out. You both are so familiar with each other’s behavior, sentiments and thoughts that you are able to figure out quickly what is other’s sense of thinking at the present moment. When talking about the brother sister relationship it is always a union of sweet and sour chemistry among them.


The Indian festivity of Rakshabandhan is arriving soon…and it is considered to be the special day for brothers and sisters to show their affection for each other. Sister prays for the well-being of his brother and ties the thread on his wrist and brother makes his effort to meet his sister anyhow on the day and present her with gifts. These sweet Indian traditions help to maintain the sibling relationship forever. But there are some other ways too through which you can keep your sibling connection firm. Below are some of the hints and I hope you would be glad to have a glance through them.


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Take a look back

Once in awhile take a reverse gear and land up in your childhood. Revisiting the memories will get you closer to your sibling. Start with the conversations about each other’s friends, the different kinds of sports you used to get involved, the small and funny incidents, the various kinds of television shows you used to get stuck to, the intense and silly fights you had, will make you both laugh harder and feel the days of innocence and realize how awesome was the time. Browse through the old albums together which will definitely refresh your memories once again and help in building your sibling bond.

Make a deep conversation involving your parents and sibling as you talk about the childhood memories, about the way they handled you both. You will relive the moments when your parents speak about you and your sibling’s childhood times which will eventually get you both closer to each other.

Treat you naughty sibling

Take time out from your busy schedule and treat your sibling. I know, it is kind of hard but you should care about the one who is holding so many secrets of you right?? 😉 Give them sudden surprises on their special days such as birthdays and gifting them something they desire for, or just casually go out for some fun time together in a sports club or thrilling places such as amusement parks, watching common favorite movies and relive the kids inside you both.

Stay in touch

Even though you are very far away from your sibling, try to be in touch and have a conversation frequently. Enquire about their well-being, discuss if they are not going through any hard times and make your effort to support your sibling to solve the matter. Staying in a constant communication will make the bond keep rolling smoothly.

Get out and have fun!

When talking about siblings, it is not just about blood siblings but also involving your distant cousins who were also once your initial besties of your childhood. Plan up to a fascinating and adventurous vacation where only the big group of siblings participates. Go on a camping trip, trek, and road trips or to some amazing and weeklong getaways.


Ultimately go on a shopping spree with your sibling. Suggest your fashion opinions for your brother while choosing his mens suitapparel for his D-day like wedding sherwani or tuxedo suitsAnd brothers….hmmm…you can do the job pretty good in womens clothing  section for your sister. At least try!!!


On the special days, astonish your sibling as you invite his/her old friends to the occasion and pull your sibling’s legs by making naughty comments in front of them. Get into sweet devilish arguments and fights. These tiny elements will make your sibling relationship even more radiant.

 Without your sibling, life would have been empty. You feel contented because you know there is someone in your life that has seen you grow, cried, laughed, trusted and fought with you. Finally, they are the ones you know will be sticking to your side no matter what.

The team of “Samyakk” adores this precious bond and wishes all the brothers and sisters across the globe a very

“Happy Raksha bandhan”!!!


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